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Artist: Jac Dalton


Genre: ROCK (with Country colorings)

Located in: : Adelaide, South Australia

This song is...
My roots and wings stem from a family dynamic best summed up this way: whenever we camped, none of us were allowed to pack the car to go home until our own campsite was spotless and those on either side. Music to me has never been about applause and recognition, but instead embracing the opportunity to leave audiences a little bit better for the time shared on both sides of the stage. Those same sentiments translate presently into a project not merely for stage, but in consideration of the needs of an entire Nation. My chosen home of Australia is presently in the throes of the worst drought in over a century, and while there are far worst things happening to good people across the globe, sometimes we must step up and do the right thing where we’re able for no other reason than because it needs to be done.

My Band and I have just launched a drought aid program called ‘SA-NDI’ (South Australian Nip-the-Drought Initiative) a collective initiative rallying around a country/rock anthem we’ve produced called ‘I Can Almost Taste The Rain’. With Australia’s populace of 25 million and the World’s population tipping 6 billion travellers – if enough of us were to download the song through its portal ( for even a $1 donation – the result would amount to a tremendous impact providing water, hay, fuel, food to families who in turn grow food for a significant segment of one Mother Earth. One hundred percent (100%) of donations go to righteous charitable organizations like Aussie Helpers, Buy-A-Bail, Drought Angels towards the worthwhile causes they oversee in devastated areas. But the SA-NDI mission doesn’t stop there. We are also determined to perform ‘I Can Almost Taste The Rain’ for a session of Parliament in the New Year as a heart-touching apolitical reminder that we are all one heart, one land – be it a challenged region, continent or planet. The support and visibility we can generate via the internet and social media adds weight with which to tip the scales. Change and progress can and do occur with the shared resolve of good people committed to make it happen. It just needs to be put out there far and wide for enough hearts to be touched.

Spotify link:

No name blues avaliveradio.png

Artist: No Name Blues

New Release: Tick Tock

Genre: Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, Metal

Located in: : Nashville, TN

 Our exodus from the cubicle dayjob lifestyle into the freedom of Rock n Roll. Trippy, dark, sexy, a little heavy with an assortment of flashy instrumental solos all around the band. Rock music made for the club.

The music we are creating is...
This song represents the transition out of our ordinary people lives into our future career of rock musicians, right around the corner. This is our celebration.

Right now we are...
Working on knocking out the other 3 episodes to move into the next production. We have 4 albums ready to produce and a ton of wonderful things happening on the side. Currently we are focused on exploding out of Nashville and into the rest of the globe!

Twitter: @NoNameBluesTwit
Instagram: @NoNameBluesMusic

Blindside Thunder AVA LIVE RADIO .png

John E Wilde - Guitars/Vocals
Dan - Bass
Andy K - Drums

Song name: ‘Rock and Roll Junkie’
Music Genre:: Rock

I live in...  Tampa, FL

My music is...
Our music is about life, fun and the continuous party that we forget life is. We all need to let loose!! Not being too serious or having any message. It is about being a Rebel doing your own thing and not having to stay in the majority. I think we are all a little off center. Get over yourself. With all we having going on we forget about US. Always move forward and improve and don't forget a beer or margarita is only inches away.

This song is about...
Rock and Roll Junkie is about day dreaming and thinking about how BST got here. Being a kid and having a fantasy of playing in front of huge crowds. What it is like to be a rock star. BST's version of Johnny B Good, sort of.

Website & social media links:

Ivan Beecroft AVA LIVE RADIO rock mania.png

Artist: Ivan Beecroft


Genre: Rock, 90's rock, retrorock

Located in: Melbourne, Australia

This song is about the ever widening gap between the haves and have nots that we are experiencing. It was inspired and written after volunteer work that I was doing serving food to the homeless in a soup kitchen in Croydon located in the south east of Melbourne.

Having suffered through a period of homelessness and watching a longtime friend recently go through a similar experience with homelessness and all the complications that come with it motivated me to express the feelings of mental anguish and helplessness associated with being homeless.

The music we are creating is...
very much a reconnection to the reason why I was inspired to do it in the first place, it's really just a kind of let's get back to the basics mindset and write and play the sort of music that would shake the window panes off the local pub, it definitely does have a very primitive aspect to it all.

Right now we are...
Still working on songs for my next album and have had to re-record most of the songs on an analogue desk to get the type of punchy guitar rock sound I was looking for, so hopefully that will be ready early to mid 2019



Black Rose Reception house of the rising sun AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY(2).png

Artist: Black Rose Reception
New Release: House of the rising sun
Genre: hard rock

Located in: Covington,IN. US

This song is... New breed of outlaw rock n roll.

The music we are creating is...
We orchestrated this song with our own unique sound and style.

Right now we are...New tracks to be released in 2019.


A Day Amongst Martyrs AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY(2).png

Artist: A Day Amongst Martyrs

New Release: Shadows

Genre: Alternative rock

Located in: Suffolk county ny

This song is...
Called Shadows its about looking deep within ones self and comming to terms with accepting failure and mistakes in life and turning them into something beautiful

The music we are creating is...
Everyone is a martyr to their own convictions wether love money anger fear doubt these are all things that make us human and unique so this is why we tell these stories to engage the audience and let them know someone understands and is going thru the same thing

Right now we are...
We are on the verge of a new album called Forever in Three Days


PyraKite rock mania AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY(2).png

Artist: PyraKite

New Release: Patagonian Hills

Genre: Rock, singersongwriter, alternative rock

Located in: : Falun, Dalarna

This song is...
the first one of the album 7 Steps. It’s about a journey I made through South America with a icluded trip to Antarctica and the Easter Islands. The feeling I wanted to catch was that of a photo collage, random pictures, feelings and thought passing by the observer. It’s a mellow, moody, mystical start off of the album I think.

The music we are creating is...
This is the last single of the our journey and it connects back to the very start as it is the first song of the album.

PyraKite gives you a poetic and mystical journey through the classic rock and pop genre. Some may say PyraKite has a unique uplifting and fresh sound. 

7 Steps is a concept album, which means that it's best experienced from start 'til end. The story of 7 steps (with it's 7 tracks) has got just as many layers to it as you wish. 
The journey starts in Antarctica and ends up in space. The music has a happy melodramatic vibe to it and has been compared to the sound of Pink Floyd, Prefab Sprout, The Beatles and Steely Dan mixed with a bit of grunge and poetic touch to it. You might also find a bit of Ben Folds Five, Paul Simon or Rival Sons in there. 

Hopefully the journey will be both mine and yours

Right now we are...
We’re about to sum up our year of 2018. A great first year and our debut 7 Steps. We’re looking out to see if we can reach our goal of 100 000 Spotify streams by the end of the year. Hopefully we’ll get there!


Website & social media links:


Artist: Atomic Kavemen
New Release: Shining
Genre: Metal

Located in: : SF Bay Area

This song is...
The band is also not constrained bye what's popular in the music scene. We create music because it's fun and it's a good medium to spread a message. Like most musicians we take pride in our songs. Comparing this band to others only limits our musical destiny. Many say our singer voice sounds like Glenn Danzig. Music-wise people touch on AC/DC and that era of Rock. The drumming and guitar playing or solid and The rhythms are catching to the ear.

Shining is atomic Kavemen's first song written by George Keenan. The song was actually written possibly a year before the band had even been thought of. The lyrics of the song pertain to the fast life we live when we were kids and young adults. After being kicked in the teeth by life and bad decisions by us as ignorant people we are some of us are fortunate enough to rise above and change our lives for the better. This song is exactly about that and feeling Pride that we were able to move beyond our own self-destruction

.The music we are creating is...
This is both our first song, and it's present form, our newest. Its the kind of track that crosses over between hard rock and heavy metal.

Right now we are..
Rehearsing and writing new songs like crazy. We expect to start playing bay area venues in April.




New Release: Darkness Calling

Genre: Metal

Located in: Odessa, Ukraine

This song is... A grinding dose of groove Metal with throbbing Dubstep passages.

The music we are creating is... Dark, Angry, Evil Metal...

Right now we are...Releasing new Singles, working on our CD, and plotting our Live Shows.


4-Fo-Rela AVA LIVE RADIO rock mania.png

Artist: 4-Fo-Rela
New Release: Rela Demic
Genre: Electronica, Rock

Located in: Wood River, Illinois

This song is...
DJ Co1 recording producer & Disc Jockey for 4-Fo-Rela has released "RelaDemic".. "RelaDemic is a modern day electronic track from the heart of the Midwest. With hard drum n bass and amazing ambient sounds RelaDemic will satisfy any listeners need for new electronic sound. "RelaDemic" is a powerfull push back into the music scene for DJ Co1 and he plans to entertain the masses in 2019.

The music we are creating is...
The Music created is cutting edge, new tech & just simply powerful.

Right now we are...
Super excited our new Rela Radio Show on Monday Nights. Putting Independent music into listeners ears.


Kid Norkjen AVA LIVE RADIO rock mania.png

Artist: Kid Norkjen

New Release: Red light Green light

Genre: singer-songwriter-rock

Located in: Trondheim, Norway

The new Kid Norkjen single is recorded in Nashville with great session players (The A team). Musically inspired by George Harrison and the Traveling Wilburys, the lyric ask the difficult question what is red light and what is green light in a a relation.

The music we are creating is...
A new album is coming up in February 2019 and this is the single that hopefully will make some interest for the album.

Right now we are...
The new album recorded in Nashville will be my best

LINKS: spotify:album:4pj9GoOquKpnkTvgUYS0Q2


Artist: Thomas Thunder
New Release: The Bull
Genre: Progressive Rock

Located in: : Boston, Ma

The Bull is a Progressive Rock and Metal song that incorporates a variety of instrumentation. Guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, synth strings, brass and woodwinds. Combining traditional "rock" instruments with classical symphonic instruments is truly an auditory treat.

This song is a continuation of my love for Progressive Rock. The driving beat reminds me of a bull running through a china shop. On a personal note, my family owns a French Bulldog, and she "bulldozes" into a room, jumping on furniture and knocking over pillows and everything else in her way. I was inspired to write this song because of her. This song is "Cupcake the French Bulldog's" anthem.

Right now we are...
I'm happy about working on a live video of my song Night Terrors. I'm working on a Youtube channel to promote my songs and drumming videos, too. I'm also writing a few new songs.