1.7 New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax

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We are living a life filled with inspiration today and that’s what you will find from every song on todays show. A fresh mix of Dance, Pop, Trap, Hiphop, Rock and Metal melting together to bring you lyrics that warm up those winter blues. You’ll come alive and feel ready to take on the world after listening this show. Hosted by JACQUELINE JAX.

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Artist: AzemCa

New Release: Ailleurs

Genre: Funky EDM

Located in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

With a swanky vibe and infectious dance beat, you can’t stay in your seat from the moment you push play. Get ready to charge forward with your day with this inspiring and empowering song from Quebec Pop Artist AzemCa.

This song is...
the fruit of the collaborative work of 2 French Canadian artists who wanted to make you dance and tell a positive empowering story with a light mood. AzemCa's deep and soulful voice, her capacity to feel the groove and the lyrics and to bring them to life made it clear that she was the right choice.

The instrumental piece of the song was produced by Chloe Touma a.k.a Lady Monarkey, who also owns the Record Label MusiqMatch. She was looking for a French Canadian performer who would take the song to another level by adding their own personal touch to it. Someone with talent and stage presence, who also had the image of a fresh face. After listening to a number of demos received by Quebec singers, only one really stood out for this song.

She came up with her own lyrics for the song and rehearsed it, and together with Chloe went in the studio only a few weeks later to record it. She nailed it! The song and music video tell the story of a girl who stops being the broken-hearted girlfriend and learns to move on and get on with her life. In a very modern yet not too serious tone, the song is about self-respect and female empowerment, but is ultimately fun for everyone.

Music video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhcHLfboKkM
Song on Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/1JGtA4ixaljIjXpEhg6IFt
Bandcamp : https://musiqmatch-azemca.bandcamp.com/releases
Follow AzemCa on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/azem_ca
Twitter: @Azem__Ca
MusiqMatch Record Label Website : http://musiqmatch.com
MusiqMatch on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MusiqMatchLabel/?ref=bookmarks

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Artist: Nat Berhanu
New Release: The Realist

Genre: #Trap #Pop

Located in: England

With a powerful vibe and tone, this song brings strength and courage to the listener. Shy people need not apply.

This song is...
Trap is Hip hop in a way. The genre's is what's hot at the moment. Total Electronica. Created , produced, recorded. etc.. Lately I listen to the top 50 on spotify, tidal. House Music, Drum & Base, Dubstep I have released, I am not ready to release what is current. The title reflects how life has been so far #TheRealist is about facing what is in front of us and winning and moving on. Not to be afraid. Be strong and courageous and giving hand to those that need it. All these artist now are my heroes.

The music we are creating is...
As I said earlier, #Trap music is what is hot now. Song writing, with lyrics, more electronica releases. Everything is possible as I see it.

Right now we are..
 I released a 28 track album. After 20 million streams, I am finding ways to sell it. I have been recording daily since 2016. A brief gap. I have a lot of music to release in due time.



Artist: Jullius Ice

New Release: Word

Genre: Hip-Hop

Located in: Toronto, Canada

With smokey tones and a unique yet catchy style of delivering hip hop lyrics, Jullius Ice brings us the ultimate crusein’ song for 2019.

This song is...
S.W.A.M.(Service With Awesome Muzik) Brings next chilled vibe to the listeners all over cruise to that smoke to that no matter how you living always be about your "word".

Right now we are...
Working on some future projects just wait on TeamSwam



Artist: Big Suthen

New Release: I Will Never

Genre: Hip Hop

Located in: Houston, Texas

An inspiring song with a lyric that talks about survival. The artist has clearly lived by example and has carefully crafted a rap single with an important message that is quickly becoming a mantra among his music fans.

This song is...
an empowering and motivational one. My brand of music would have to be a brand of power and love rolled into one. My influences range from r&b/soul, jazz, country, and just about any music with positive vibes. This song is significant because i think this song gives any listener courage to follow their dreams or be brave. This song is strong, insightful, and influential to the masses.

The music we are creating is...
My direction for my music is one filled with influence, motivation, awareness, power, and love. I keep my message encouraging with a melodic energy.

Right now we are...
Right now I am working on a single release that will be featured on my first EP called, T.O.R.I. (Teach One Reach Infinite) The single is called, "Unconditional love," which I plan to release for valentines day 2019. After that I should be done with my EP about April or May.


Sound machine Gamma AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY(2).png

Artist: Sound Machine (Artist : Sunil Bhatia)
New Release: Gamma

Genre: Electronic Dance Music

Located in: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The song has a latin 80s flavor with a danceable beat that reminds you of Summers in Miami. Perfect to shake off those cold winter blues.

This song is...
This is the second track from the second album by Sound Machine created with the elements of Electronic, Techno and Symphonic Music. It may fall in the genres of Club/Lounge and Dance Music.

The music we are creating is...
This is a faster track and may well connect with its listeners in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Category.

Right now we are...
Am working on some more tracks as part of this album with vocals.

Reverbnation : https://www.reverbnation.com/sunilbhatia/song/30344202-gamma-edm
Spotify : Currently not available in India
Twitter : https://twitter.com/sunilbhatia
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YoursMusically
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sonu.sunil.bhatia

 Nytro-T MOMENTARY.png

Artist: Nytro-T

New Release: Momentary

Genre: Hip Hop , Sub-genre: Trap

Located in:  Atlanta GA

This song is about realizing our struggles, tough times hard situations are only momentary. Instead of constantly being depressed and sad it's time to realize how precious you are and your life. Enjoy your life because it to is momentary.

 The kind of music I am creating is songs that people can relate to for me it's not about bragging are being flashy. There are a lot of people out here hurting who needs to know you have someone that understands. This release is important because I feel there is someone out there that needs these words in this particular song.

Right now I am putting the finishing touches on the mixtape. Next I will be working on music videos. Also performing.


Dream eternal bliss instagram.png

Artist: Dream Eternal Bliss
New Release: Loud

Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock

Located in: Franklin Lakes, NJ

This song is...
alternative rock with a deliciously catchy groove, lush keyboard textures, and wicked guitar lines.

The music we are creating is...
Unique! We're combing '80s new wave influences with our love of modern rock and pop and then sneaking some prog rock musicianship underneath the surface to create a new sound that is full of big guitars, big keyboards, tons of vocals, and a fresh vibe. And the more you listen to these songs, the more layers you discover.

Right now we are..
promoting the release of our new record, Picture Glass, with live performances in the New York metropolitan area, and we just released the first music video, which you'll find right here!


Cwiredband C Wired Ad.jpg

Artist: Cwiredband
New Release: Little Sisters
Genre: Rock

Located in: Berkeley Springs, WV

I haven’t heard a rock song bringing that infectious catchy beat mixed with melodic guitar solos, layers of synth and a chart topping energetic drum. Turn it up and get ready to move.

This song is...
 “Little Sisters” hit the radio November 2018 and immediately started climbing the charts. Starting at #16 on the DRT Top 50 Rock, #67 on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent, and #175 on the DRT Global Top 200 Airplay charts, the radio single has not stopped moving up. Now in the 6th week of its radio campaign, “Little Sisters” finds itself at #12 on the Global Top 50 Rock, #47 on the Global Top 150 Independent, and #132 on the Global Top 200 Airplay charts. The radio single has also found some success overseas, sitting at #6 on the Euro Indie Music charts after starting at #89 in its first week overseas.

The music we are creating is...
The Ark of Music writes, “Conceptually explorative. Full of sound! A love-tipped saw-blade. The writing in C-Wired’s latest album, Angel Circuit Engaged, does its damnedest to encourage listeners to simultaneously let go where they’ve clenched, and hold-on where they’ve slipped. Musically: its 80’s-style, psychedelically-laced, rock-centric core is as impressive as any studio production you’ll encounter today. Layers of guitar, synth and vocal sounds and melodies dance and strut all over the album, giving listeners more than just lyrics to ponder".

Right now we are...
Cwiredband is working on an European tour and recording its next EP

Twitter @c_wired

Vovkulaka deathground-01square-a.jpg

Artist: Vovkulaka

New Release: Death Ground

Genre: Metal, Dubstep

Located in: Odessa, Ukraine

This song is...
About making A Choice: Do you sit around and never act on your Dreams? Or, do create a situation where You MUST act on those Dreams? Ya, You're now in your Death Ground.

The music we are creating is...
Darkly cathartic Metal that conjures tribal spirituality, dubstep, goth, industrial, and a myriad of permeations of thrash and nu-metal. Other aesthetic signposts include the rhythmic onslaught of Slipknot, the engaging spectacle of Babymetal, and the crushing groove metal of artists like Korn, Pantera, and Rob Zombie...

Right now we are...
Getting ready to release MORE Singles and prepare for Tour