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October 5

Jax Daily Facebook Launches a Brand New Premiers Video Feature

Facebook announced the expansion of a trio of new video tools today, namely the rollout of a previously-announced feature called Premieres — which gives content creators the ability to debut pre-recorded videos as live events — to all Pages globally.


October 6

Jax Daily Reddit Is Driving 1 Billion Monthly Video Views

Are you looking for a new platform to launch your videos on? Reddit may be a space for you. Listen to the benefits and how this space if gaining popularity in certain niche audiences. To get help launching a video with AVA Live Radio check out our latest promotion: https://www.avaliveradio.info/video-promotion

October 7

Jax Daily Abrams Artists Agency Launches Digital Creator Network

Latest news about a new creator network that’s tackling new partnerships in the digital entertainment space. Also get tips on how to start building your own creative space using social media.

October 10

Jax Daily How to use facebook groups to grow

Facebook groups are a great way to create engagement around your projects. I have a great set of tips to help you post content with impact. Don’t forget to sign up for my email newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dJNBfY

October 11

Jax Daily Why the American Music Awards Boosted Music Sales by 135%
Are you interested in learning why music sales jumped for 2 hours agter the American music Awards and how you can use that strategy to boost your indie music sales? I’ve shared the plan with you on todays episode. Don’t forget to signup for my newsletter : www.musicmarketinginsider.com

October 12:
Jax Daily The Velvet Underground Unveils a New Experience in NYC

Discover a why you want to check out The Velvet Underground experience in NYC this week. Genuinely a generation ahead of the curve – is the subject of an immersive multi-media exhibit that opens today (Oct. 10) in New York City and runs through Dec. 30. Bringing together rare photos, new mini-documentaries, vintage avant-garde films, music, interviews, counterculture memorabilia, concert flyers and even a (quite literally underground) performance space. Also discover how you can build your own unique experience for your music fans to enjoy. Don’t forget to signup for my newsletter : www.musicmarketinginsider.com