Behind The Music with Honey Beard on 'Reverie'

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Band Name: Honey Beard
Gaz - Vox, Guitar
Tom - Synth, Bass

Person Interviewing: Gary J. Conlon

Born in Ireland and now living in Toronto.

Song name: Reverie

Music Genre:: Synth Pop

I live in... Toronto, Canada

Link to play::

This song is about...
Reverie is the title track and lead single from Honey Beard's upcoming EP of the same name (Reverie) due for general release on Nov 24th.

Reverie is a real life love song and plays like a backdrop to the climactic waltz of two young lovers at their final school prom. But more deeply; Reverie's words has a darker stroke of tone, setting out to remind us how the important people in our lives can be the beacon to bring us back from the verge of a personal darkness. And for some who cant return from that place, at least they can see that the light is always shining, waiting for them to return, like a lighthouse in a storm.

My music is...
Honey Beards music is always from the heart and as cheesy as that sounds we believe it means something when it comes to a listener buying into the emotional tone of a song. For us composing the instrumentation and arrangements in each song is like akin to building a uniquely shaped one-of-a-kind maze that we try to get you lost in.

We don't copy and paste like other more successful artists (we should do this more) and this can sometimes make our body of work a bit of a journey to get through. Lyric wise, it’s like poetically dumping all the little horrors and hopes into a cacophony of vibrations that you try to wave into song. Trust me, every word you hear sung has been stressed over for months! But in short, our style of synth pop is sonically dramatic, deeply thoughtful and simmering with emotion.


How do you think this release represents your current direction..

The lead single 'Reverie' is probably one of our most accessible songs and although it doesn't directly encapsulates our current direction i would say it is in line with the dreamy type vibe that this EP as a whole had adopted. In fact, this collection of songs can be lyrically connected to all our previously released songs and songs that are yet to be released next year, so its all part of one great conceptual plan we have cooking.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?

I don't think I've ever been given decent music advice that has stuck with me, but my advice would be that if music is something you really want to do then attack it with all that you have, keep failing and learning because time is finite and you don't want to regret this shit on your death bed.

The Music Business…
I sincerely do not understand the music business, I've figured out that its all about money and possibly not always about the music but i could be wrong.

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Being a Musician Today:
You can be an incredible musician today and have everything you ever needed to write, record and sell at your fingertips but you will probably never be an affluent musician today!

Why Do you Love to Create Music:
I could never understand why I love it, I guess could it makes me happy when its completed and enjoyed by others, but I could talk about music like another person could talk about classic cars or bird watching, its hardwired into me.

In fact I don't think I love it in conventional terms, it feels more mundane than that, like my arms and hands are invaluable to me but I don't stare at them in joy! ah... I've thought too much about this.

Gary J. Conlon from Honey Beard comes on the show to speak with Jacqueline Jax on their song 'Reverie'. He talks about how Honey Beard got started and what goes into the digital production of their music from synthesisers to electronic drums. How to evolve your music from an idea to completed direction.

Launch party is on Nov 24th. Junction City Music hall on the 24th.

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