7.16 New Music Monday

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Today's list of what's fresh coming into A.V.A Live Radio. This is a mix genre show full of music that will inspire you and send you searching the artists pages for more. Episode hosted by Jacqueline Jax.

Listen to the show :

iHeartRadio station page : https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-AVA-Live-Radio-Musi-29336730/

The Anchor Fm page: https://anchor.fm/ava-live-radio

The Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2toX0f3dPmI8gmUSOKZicx



the space wizard.jpg

Band Name: The Space Wizards

Name of song: Fill My Cup

Genre  : Psychedelic Rock
We have one question, are you attuned? In order to enjoy the world around us together, the central processing unit we refer to as a brain must engage and expel the sensory input to create that which is known as a reality-- much like a television antennae attunes to a signal frequency and produces image and sound. The sounds you are about to hear ask you to widen your horizons and taken ownership of a "reality." We are The Space Wizards, out of Montreal, Canada, planet Earth. Stay attuned.


Jonathan Pierce Project.png

Band Name: Jonathan Pierce Project

Name of song: Get Away

Genre : Singer-Songwriter, Funky, Soul, Folk, Acoustic R&B
Get Away is a song about the in and out nature of relationships and the games we play in our head about how things should or shouldn’t be. Each verse is in a different spot in the spectrum and though the chorus is the same words each time it takes on a slightly different context each time. Chasing girls, chasing dreams, chasing that something special wondering why it’s always trying to get away.


Cult Fantastic.png

Band Name: Cult Fantastic

Name of song: Screens

Genre : Rock/Indie/Alternative
Enter the mind of Cult Fantastic and immerse yourself in a satirical world gone mad where emojis come alive, people turn into robots, and werewolves befriend suburban children. Through comedic paranoia and odd imagery, Cult Fantastic’s songs and videos dig into the underpinnings of society to uncover a labyrinth of paradoxes. Intrigued by the absurdities of modern life, Cult writes lyrics confronting the narcissism epidemic, runaway consumerism, voyeuristic violence, and more. In his debut single "Screens", Cult Fantastic satirizes society's relationship with technology, serving up a dish of thought-provoking humor that bites back the more you chew on it. http://open.spotify.com/album/58CjT060EAeot73oi7Pmpe

LINKS: : http://cultfantastic.com

summit road.png

Band Name: Summit Road
Name of song: Christ My Anchor

Genre  : Pop/worship
Summit Road is made up of worship leaders from Kansas City and Indiana, Pennsylvania who write songs for their church. Christ My Anchor was written out our need to give our churches a song of hope, renewal, and redemption. 

Wolf Bass Heavy (Single).jpg

Band Name: Wolf

Name of song: Bass Heavy

Genre : EDM / Electronic
Still riding on the success of 'Rave into the Night', I produced a track which leans more towards the bass heavy aspect of EDM. With that, I am excited to announce that Bass Heavy is out on all music platforms! Bass Heavy is the lead single from my upcoming debut EP, 'The Beginning' which will be released in September 2018.
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2LaTC5D
Twitter: https://twitter.com/amirwolfwithin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewolfwithinwolfMY/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amirwolfwithin/

Nigel Walton.png

Band Name: Nigel Walton

Name of song: Sentence from the Moon

Genre  : jazz/ pop

Nigel is very self-motivated, passionate and experienced performer... With a love for music and entertainment. He thrives on the energy from the crowd and strive to give his audience a night of great live music from a range of genres... with his smooth warm comforting tone as mentioned by his audiences.  http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/26857087

Jamie Parsons.jpg

Band Name: Jamie Parsons 

Name of song: Time Sharing Plan

Genre: Traditional Country
Time Sharing Plan is about a secretary with a serious crush on her boss. Jamie is a 3- time award winner in The Billboard World Song Contest. "Last Call" named Semifinalist for Country in the 2015 UK SONGWRITING CONTEST "Merry Christmas From Me To You" named Semifinalist for Country in the 2017 UK SONGWRITING CONTEST WInner of The 2014 Billboard Starmaker Award (Last Call) Classically trained, he majored in Music (Piano, Performance) at Appalachian State University. Jamie enjoys writing in different genres, including, but not limited to: Blues, Country, Contemporary Christian, Gospel,Rock, Pop and Inspirational. https://open.spotify.com/track/6lPytSGsOp37KXETv4cEVy?si=gZWPhS7eR-2S7ZoW_J9qJg