7.23 New Music Monday

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New Music Monday.
This week host Jacqueline Jax takes a walk through brand new tracts from rock, country, edm, acoustic songwriter and hiphop genres.

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Flight 619.png

Band Name: Flight 619

Name of song: "Baby Blue"

Genre Rock / Hard Rock / Alternative Rock

 This song, Baby Blue - - paints a post apocalyptic world - - expressions of remorse - - and all the while seeking a new place to start over. - Baby blue is a gentle - honest song - yet gets in your face -in your face big time To sum it up in a word - Powerful

Reverbnation song link: https://www.reverbnation.com/flight619/song/29568073-baby-blue

LINKS: : Twitter address: @flight619band

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/Flight619/

Instagram page link: instagram.com/flight619band


Inside The Hole.jpg

Band Name: Inside The Hole

Name of song: Love Me Baby

Genre : Hard'n'Blues / Hard Rock / Rock Blues

Inside The Hole is a band based in Sicily, Italy. This Sicilian power-trio is composed of Roy Zappia (Vocal/Guitar), Francesco Less (Bass), Giulio Di Martino (Drums).

The band has made a self-produced demo (Beer! Sex!..and Fuckin Roll), the album "Impressions," released by Logic(il)Logic Records in 2014, and three Europeans Tours. The musical background and the rock'n'roll's attitude of the three members create a strong alchemy that can be deeply perceived during their live performances. After line-up's changes, Inside The Hole are ready to comeback wildly on stage.


Sound Servent.png

Band Name: Sound Servent

Name of song: My Only Friend

Genre : Rock/Hard Rock

The song is about someone in the position to stop a wrong but because it keeps them in power they do nothing about it. They aren't willing to give up what they have to stop the wrong !!! 

The track has a powerful chorus melting influences of Def Leppards notorious layers made popular by the famous producer  Mutt Lange. I think you'll discover alot of familiar rock energy that you've been craving in this artists creations.  Enjoy. 

reverbnation.com/soundservent www.facebook.com/SoundServent/app/2405167945/

Alexander Sedov.jpg

Band Name: Alexander Sedov

Name of song: Reflection Of The World

Genre : rock / Indie rock

We are the people we used to know. People tend to reflect other's behavior.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/alexsedovofficial/
Youtube - https://youtu.be/O-utBb6aKaU
Instagram - @alexsedovforever

ConSysTnt Creations 1.jpg

Band Name: ConSysTnt Creations

Name of song: In Another Life

Genre  : Hybrid (Cinematic Hip-Hop/Pop)

This new release offers a combination of layers from different inspirational ideas I've been imagining. The energy is impactful and the flow hypnotic. If you close your eyes and let the music surround you, it will change your mood and perspective. It fills a room with positive vibrations and energy.  I want to change our perspectives of music, see music as a hybrid element instead of boxed categories. To mold genres and bringing about a wider appeal, is the goal I've set in my journey to "the top"!

Social media…
Twitter: @consystnt

KUMU .jpg

Band Name: KUMU

Name of song: Holding on

Genre : Indie Rock/Indietronica

KUMU is Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Music Producer Dave Lovett in Austin, TX. KUMU is a Hawaiian word meaning “teacher, source of knowledge, beginning, or origin.” Listeners liken him to “Danger Mouse” or “Thievery Corporation” and suggest his songs are reminiscent of “Imagine Dragons” meets “Passion Pit”. KUMU music is a tempting concoction of Indie Rock and Indietronica with a splash of Neo Soul and a dash of Hip Hop. This song "Holding On" is very atmospheric and shows us a more chillsville side to KUMU.


Charleesa - Single.png

Band Name: Charleesa 

Name of song: Things to smile about

Genre : Pop Sub gneres : Posipop - Sunshine pop - Power pop

British-born singer songwriter Charleesa opens the heart and mind through mellifluous melodies and intimate lyrics that she delivers with the passionate sincerity of a crusader, and the sensitivity of a healer. She desires to inspire people with her current repertoire which is written with an optimistic outlme source, we feel, we dream and ultimately we want to be happy.’ ook; these songs are as elevating as they are evocative. 



Band Name: AceQuared

Name of song: Summer Gown

Genre : Pop / Commercial Radio

AceQuared is based out of Toronto Canada, born and raised in Jordan. Started releasing musin 2 years ago and finally got to a level where the song is getting world recognition. This song has a cool danceable summer vibe that any and everyone can vibe to and enjoy



Ben Benjamin  i'm the coyote jpeg cd baby.jpg

Band Name: Ben Benjamin

Name of song: I'm The Coyote

Genre : Taditional Country

Ben has shared the stage with and opened for many recording artist. This song is only one cut from a colletion of songs soon to be released entitled "Full Circle". A collection which spans from traditional/contemporary country to rock, folk & easy listening.




Band Name: Gec

Name of song: Trapped in a Water Globe (Acoustic)

Genre : Alternative, Indie
Trapped in a Water Globe is my first release, acoustic version. It is a song about struggling with depression and anxiety in a big city such as London, far away from home.