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July 29 Sunday
Jax Daily Why Instagram is awesome for Musicians
Instagram is one of the best places right now to build your music brand. The platform offers 2 billion people covering every topic, emotion and product you could ever dream of. So let's take a look at the best ways musicians can build their brand and use this platform to grow. www.musicmarketinginsider.com

July 30 Monday
Jax Daily 5 Tips for getting your music on Spotify Playlists.
Spotify has officially revealed its latest official subscriber numbers – and they’re sure to get the music business talking. Get on our playlists www.avaliveradio.info/airplay

July 31 Tuesday
Jax Daily Youtube vs IGTV who pays more??

The differences between Youtube and instagram tv for creators and learn who's getting paid more for creating content. Get more tips for building your brand with video : www.jacquelinejax.tv

August 1 Wednesday
Jax Daily How instagram influencers are getting paid mega millions per sponsored post.

Today on Jax Daily listen to what's happening behind the scenes on instagram and how you can grow your account more quickly. (www.avaliveradio.info/airplay)

August 2 Thursday
Today on Jax Daily: How to move social media followers to email.

Jax Daily How to move social media followers to email. Building up an email list from the traffic on social media is easy if you understand how to do it effectively. Learn how today on the Daily Jax.

August 3 Friday
Jax Daily How to Get More people to buy your music

Have you been having trouble getting people to buy your music? On todays Jax Daily, I'm talking to you about the best ways to sell more music every day. It's actually alot easier than you think once you set it up. More tips at : www.JacquelineJax.tv