Behind The Music with Steve Andrews on Where Does All the Plastic Go

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Steve Andrews Campaigning for Our Environment Through Music

Song name: Where Does All the Plastic Go?
Music Genre: Folk-rock/Acoustic/Singer-songwriter
I live in: Quinta do Conde, Portugal

This song is about the plastic pollution, a worldwide problem that affects us all. I had been waiting in vain to hear some other singer-songwriter writing and singing about the subject but nobody was doing so, not even Neil Young, who has kept up his work as an activist, environmentalist and protest singer, as well as being a legendary rock star. I thought that seeing as no one else was going to do this that it was up to me to bring the subject into the music world.

My music is eclectic because I write about many subjects and draw from many influences. I am currently writing protest songs about the environment. Where Does All The Plastic Go? is very much a protest song.

I also have also had an idea I would like to share here. I think we need a massive concert, like Band Aid and Live Aid, but this time it would be Ocean Aid, and would raise awareness about the problem of plastic. I am sure if this could be organized that lots of big name artists and bands would be keen to be involved.

Where Does All The Plastic Go? was recorded at Northstone Studios in Bridgend, South Wales, and produced by Jayce Lewis. Jayce has already been the producer of four other songs of mine: Ever Yours, Living Book, Girl Singer and Citizen Of Earth. We are getting together again in October of this year to record an album. We work well together , and I am confident of getting a great result with his production skills.

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This song very much represents my current direction because I am writing about real issues that affect us all and that concern me deeply. I have been increasingly speaking out about environmental matters, not just in my songwriting but on social media and as a supporter of many campaigns.

Earlier this year, I also became actively involved in the battles to save city trees in the UK, in Cardiff, Sheffield and elsewhere in Britain. I changed the words of Stand By Me, (a song I am famous for covering) to "Stand by tree," and I changed Give Peace A Chance to "All we are saying is give TREES a chance." I have become a "poster-boy" for the campaigns to save British trees, and was also interviewed by Jonathan Downes for GONZO Weekly #280, in which I was the cover star:

Music business..
The best advice I have had is that music needs to be promoted. This applies to other creative work too. It doesn't matter how brilliant your work is or how gifted you are as an artist, if only your immediate friends and family, and a handful of local fans know about and appreciate what you do. You have to tell the world about your talents, and cannot count on anyone else doing this for you, unless you are very lucky or you pay them.

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