7.10 Rock Mania New Music Segment with host Jacqueline Jax

Discover some great new rock bands from Alternative to Metal. You'll love this months top picks on AVA Live Radio with host Jacqueline Jax.


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H&HField Hell & Hollar.jpg

Band Name: Hell & Hollar

Name of song: Desert Dust

Genre: Rock, psychedelic rock, Alt rock,

Hell & Hollar is a rock band from South Florida featuring Blake Burns on guitar and vocals, Nate Largent on drums and Johnny Dusko on bass. Drawing from their many influences that span the areas of blues and heavy stoner rock, they are developing a brand of rock all their own. Their heavy yet inviting sound is a refreshing straight forward rock music that anyone can have a good time with. This power trio has an old school heavy rock vibe with an open eye on the future.


black income 2.png

Name of song: FEELS LIKE A STORM

Genre : Alternative Stoner Grunge ROck
Formed in 2011 and, Black Income is a Danish Alternative Rock Band that comes out of the 90’ - Grunge and Hard Rock scene, praised by the critics from all over the world for the latest album “Noise Pollution”. Black Income describe themselves as "a new rock identity rooted in the waters of the grunge genre". Their lyrical expression comprises honesty and realism, and originality is said to be what drives the band, though artists such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots inspire them.
Website : http://www.blackincome.dk
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/blackincome
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/blackincome/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/blckincm
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/5XzUUfJH9hTfcvjInSUytt
Video : https://www.youtube.com/user/BlackIncome

CODED 1.jpg

Band Name: CODED

Name of song: Moments Of Madness

Genre : Rock, Alt rock, New metal

Moments Of Madness is a deeply personal song about the decline of a family member. A message so to speak to this person who will only one day understand the lyrics of the song. It is written in the same way as the rest of our music, which is all about the real life experiences of the band. We write the lyrics this way, in an attempt to wear our hearts on our sleeves. In doing so hopefully connect to our audience on an much deeper level.

LINKS: : https://www.instagram.com/codedbandsa/

rip current rock mania avaliveradio.png

Band Name: Rip Current
Name of song: Flower power

Genre: hard rock, metal / crossover

Debut album of an international project created by Czech guitarist and composer Daniel Barta, a student of Devin Townsend’s Creative Academy. 'Movements of The Self' presents a lively blend of hard rock, grunge, punk and metal. On the album are featured musicians from five countries. Album available on all internet platforms.


Virtual Zero.png

Band Name: Virtual Zero

Song: JUST

Genre: Hard rock

Virtual Zero means "not a real zero" and we like to bring light to those being overlooked and discredited by making kickass music with a positive message. This track hits it hard with energetic vocals and hard core rock licks.  https://www.reverbnation.com/virtualzero/song/23625196-just

LINKS: : reverbnation.com/virtualzero

Chronic Trigger.png

Band Name: Chronic Trigger

Name of song: United We Taco

Genre: Progressive metal
Don’t use house paint.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/chronictriggerofficial
Facebook- @Chronictriggerofficial