7.9 New Music Monday

Today's list of what's fresh coming into A.V.A Live Radio. This is a mix genre show full of music that will inspire you and send you searching the artists pages for more. Episode hosted by Jacqueline Jax.

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Novustory .png

Band: Novustory
New Song: Something of me and you

Rock Alternative Band from Tottington, UK
Swinging licks and soaring vocals is what you can expect from this UK indie band filled with energy. Turn it up! The band Novustory are members Imogen (what’s the) Storey, Declan (Bobby) Brown and James (sit down) Duckworth. They play the type of music your deaf elderly next door neighbour would love and it also appeals to newborns too.
Website: http://www.novustory.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Novustory
Tweet: https://twitter.com/Novustory
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/novustory
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3oCoUx694YXKlvY5CYMmtt


BOXER STAYUP-3000px_web.jpg

Band Name: ♤BOXER

Name of song: Stay Up

Genre : Ambient Indie Pop

We just released our very first single, Stay Up! What we hope to share is to be true to yourself, because your path is always straight ahead.

Instagram: boxertheband
Snapchat updates: boxertheband
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2nqWWZdkE14CP7sFKaGlZb?si=hrNv0yKFTua81Y0zE3gqNA
Also available on apple music, google play, and amazon

Flaming Dingos.png

Band Name: Flaming Dingos

Name of song: Fallin'

Genre: Synthpop / Indie Dance

Flaming Dingos is a band from the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Rising from the Future Funk scene, their genre is a blend of Synthwave, Electronic Dance, Funk, and Psychedelic Rock. Their new debut single "Fallin'" can be described as sounding like if Daft Punk and Tame Impala made a baby. A hyper-cinematic music video for this song will be coming in the near future...stay tuned!






KUMU .jpg

Band Name: KUMU

Name of song: Holding on

Genre: Indie Pop/ Electronica

KUMU is Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Music Producer Dave Lovett in Austin, TX. KUMU is a Hawaiian word meaning “teacher, source of knowledge, beginning, or origin.” Listeners liken him to “Danger Mouse” or “Thievery Corporation” and suggest his songs are reminiscent of “Imagine Dragons” meets “Passion Pit”. KUMU music is a tempting concoction of Indie Rock and Indietronica with a splash of Neo Soul and a dash of Hip Hop. This song "Holding On" is very atmospheric and shows us a more chillsville side to KUMU.


Ben Benjamin things  i didn't do.png

Band Name: Ben Benjamin
Name of song: Things I Didn't Do

Genre : Traditional Country
Ben has shared the stage and opened for many recording artist. This is one track from soon to be released third album titled "Full Circle"  is a bold song released as a guitar/vocal tune that stands on it's own. His warm vocal tone and authentic timbre draws in the listener then his back for story telling keeps you listening. We all have tough decisions to make in life and they all have costs.
LINKS: : https://youtu.be/E1MpexhKVv0

Madeline Bales .png

Artist: Madeline Bales
New Song: Check

Nashville Americana  Country Soul Artist
Today’s country music hit makers boast an ever widening range of pedigrees, but the ones with true staying power always seem to share a few common threads: country roots, performing at an early age, an early recognized and cultivated desire to write songs, and a powerful, soulful voice that can turn a head as easily as it can touch a heart. Singer/ songwriter Madeline Bales could sew herself a rhinestone jacket to wear on the Opry stage with those threads… Give Madeline a listen, and while you do, think about those common threads: Country roots? Check. Singing from an early age? Check. Talented songwriter? Check. A voice that grabs you and leaves you wanting more? Check. Oh, and one more- your favorite song from your favorite new artist? Check!

Song:  https://www.reverbnation.com/madelinebales/song/25175610-check
Photo:  https://www.reverbnation.com/page_object/page_object_photos/artist_1651738?photo=29310607
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/madelinebales/
Website:  http://madelinebales.com

vegas man DT Blues.jpg

Band Name: Vegas Man
Name of song: The DT Blues

Genre : singer/sonwriter
This next track got in a lot of hot water as the viral video got banned on facebook and the artists took a ton of push back for his narrative in the Political entertainment arena showing us all that facebook definitely doe not have a sense of humor. But isn't that supposed to be what freedom of speech was for?
LINKS: : https://soundcloud.com/mark-fiv/dtb-final-32-bit-no-2-no-countin2-2


Band Name: Jay AKA Monroe
Name of song: Hot N Heavy

Genre : Rap/Hiphop
Jay is just a typical artist of all genre of music who came a long way as an Artist/Singer/Writer/Producer/ and Performer. This song Hot N Heavy is featured on his Str8t Soldier album and is an early contribution to his future growth. We look forward to see alot from him in the near future. He loves to sing and he first started singing when he was 9 years old.