Jax Daily Pop Culture Social Media Marketing Podcast August 14 - 19

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Jax Daily Will Youtube or Facebook Win Video

Host Jacqueline Jax compares Facebook and Youtube to see who will win the video war? Plus you're given for optimizing your videos differently for the platforms. Signup for email: www.musicmarketinginsider.com : Indie artists music submissions: www.avaliveradio.info/airplay 



Jax Daily Tips for Launching Video on facebook & Youtube

Do you understand what kind of videos get more traction on facebook verses Youtube? Here's the run down of the differences and how you can plan your video launching strategy for bringing in more views and optimizing their performance. 



Jax Daily Youtube star Lele Pons Signs Global Recording Deal

Universal Music Group has signed online video star Eleonora ‘Lele’ Pons to a worldwide recordings deal. A comedian, actress, director and music artist, Pons is billed as ‘the world’s leading Latina digital entertainer’. She has over 10m subscribers on YouTube, where she racks up more than 110m monthly views. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9cDo6239RAzPpBZO9y5SA



Jax Daily Twitch and Youtube Start Offering Millions to creators

Times are certainly changing as the two leading live streaming video platforms begin battling out for the best creators by offering millions in incentives for exclusive content. 



Jax Daily Monitizing Twitch and Youtube

Youtube creators weigh in on their idea of the perfect monetization business model as they decide which platform to create for.  More free marketing resources at www.Jacquelinejax.tv



Jax Daily How to get your first 1,000 Youtube Subscribers

Jacqueline Jax goes over some helpful tips for growing your Youtube channel with basic steps that everyone should be paying attention to.