Jax Daily August 20 - 25 Social Media Marketing & Music Business News

August 25
Why IGTV Instagram is Becoming Television for the Mobile Generation

A stand alone vertical video app on instagram is changing the way we consume content. Todays mobile viewers are watching more HGTV than traditional television. So how will you be fitting into this next generation of entertainment?  Signup for my newsletter at www.musicmarketinginsider.com


Jax Daily Facebook Algorithm Changes

Today on the JAX daily news find out how to get out of Facebook jail by mastering the new algorithm with every new post. How to take action that will make it impact without lowering your Facebook credibility score. How to market your self and build your brand without being considered spam account on social media.




Jax Daily Tech and social news

How Alexa and Google Home are changing our daily habits and how today’s Tech is affecting our lives. Also the news on in-home delivery services and voice assistance in cars.




Aug 24: 

Jax Daily Why Instagram stories is important

Instagram Stories are probably the biggest thing right now on Instagram and one way to get around the decrease in post engagement from the latest algorithm changes. Get some helpful tips from us today on how to get more views. Signup for the newsletter: www.musicmarketinginsider.com 



Aug 23:

Jax Daily Building social media influence

Tune in for a Jax daily segment with host Jacqueline Jax informing you on the latest social media marketing and tech news. Today you’re going to learn about how powerful influencers rise and how they use social media to project their message.



Aug 22: How crowdculture is making art more impactful

Jax Daily How Crowdculture is making art more impactful. Jacqueline Jax shares her theories behind why artists are blowing up on social media. Learn how to become a part of this phenomenal growth spurt so you can build a community around your music and creations.  www.jacquelinejax.tv



Aug 21: The Power of crowdculture

Jax Daily The Power of Crowdculture. Jacqueline speaks on todays flourishing social media space and how todays micro-influencers are capturing our attention by hacking culture. www.jacquelinejax.tv



Aug 20: Jax Daily Crowdculture Changed the rules of Branding

Jax Daily Crowdculture Changed the Rules of Branding Jacqueline Jax talks about yesterdays branding in contrast to how crowd culture has shifted and how you can align yourself with todays competition.  www.jacquelinejax.tv