Behind the Music with God Analog 'Possibly'

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Band Name: God Analog

Christian Jaeger - Vocals
Adam Days - Vocals, Keyboards
"X" - Guitars

Song name: Possibly

Music Genre:: Rock From: San Jose, California 

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This song is about
the downward spiral that is depression and self loathing and how difficult that struggle often is. This is a song I wrote when I began overcoming these things myself - it's my mental post-it note to remind me where I started. I'm hoping it helps me keep perspective.

My music is
the result of mixing all the sounds I love, from people like David Bowie and Marilyn Manson, and mixing it with all the inane thoughts and ramblings that I keep in my journal. And my music is also the result of my friends, especially X - he's been right there with me since the beginning and never asked for a thing in return.

This song definitely represents a departure for me. When I started making music at 19, I made more Industrial and Metal-oriented music. It's an exciting direction, to be sure, and hopefully people enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy making it.

Music advice that forever changed my way of thinking: 
There's something my friend Ryan Donnelly from Empire Music Promotions said "A dream without a deadline is a dream that is dead in the water." It was depressingly true.

"When I *just* started to make music, I did so in much the same way that a chicken flies through the night: I didn't get very far, but I sure was loud...!"


God Analog comes on the show with host Jacqueline Jax to discuss his new song ‘Possibly’ that raises an honest conversation about someones downward spiral into depression and self loathing and how difficult that struggle often is. We also talked about his musical direction as he braves the approach of some tough topics.

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