Behind The Music with Chanidu on 'For your Sad Story'

Band Name: Chanidu
Song name: For your sad story'
Music Genre:: Rock/Alternative rock

I live in: New Jersey

This song is about so many people out there who are having a difficult time trying to survive through the day. The struggle must continue and we must not quit. A little help from a stranger sometimes can enlighten the day. My music tries using rock, blues, ballad sentiments to magnify the vocals. I hope to bend towards other genres as long as I have the lyrics to support the clarity.

Best Advise...
The advice from A.V.A Live Radio saying "Keep doing what you are doing even if you think you are not doing enough". Since then there is not a day that goes by without doing a little hands-on my music.

"Too many hungry sharks in the ocean" But there is a room for everyone who is looking to progress in this business. Building presence online is a key issue to one's progress in today's music business.

From : Nigeria


Chanidu comes on the show to speak with host Jacqueline Jax about his experience in the music business. How to discover the good and the bad in the music business resources plus valued advice from our host at AVA Live Radio.


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avaliveradio@redrebelprods I agree. It's very eye catching

avaliveradio@dynamic_illustrationzthank you

charleesasoundI second your sentiments... I am also mixing genres and highly eclectically inspired myself 😍

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thekristinmouraI've crossed genres as well. I did rap covers and changed the rap

avaliveradio@thekristinmoura nice. It’s fun to experiment while your figuring things out.



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avaliveradio@transient.x@massinissanyc @sadunicornrecs@therealfrostt When you face challenges with courage and confidence, you can achieve anything.

avaliveradio@dynamic_illustrationz@redrebelprods @iamlani_g @kaliraah@maestrothebeat The best preparation for facing challenges is to stop worrying about it and tackle it head on.

avaliveradio@charleesasound@theosomstretch @thekristinmouraChallenges can be beautiful because like nature they teach us from the experience of the moment. There's no better way to learn.