New Release from Charles Barlow 'Good Life'

Charles Barlow avaliveradio 1.png

Artist: Charles Barlow

New Release: Good Life

Genre: Hip Hop

 "Good Life" is is one of songs that was inspired by true life events. It's a song about life events that landed me a 15 year federal sentence... those were some difficult days but it didn't stop me from pursuing better. My good life. I love to write music from true life experiences and tell a wonderful story.

I think that the music business in todays world is a lot more easier especially with the internet and all of the ways you can brand and self market yourself. One can definitely make a living selling music in todays music business and you can do it independently without a record label... Hence, the music business of today.

Have you heard this yet? "GOOD LIFE" by yours truly


boogeymanproductionsIm loving it.. All of it.. All of your work and the effort you carve into it.. Kudos .. For the tasteful beautiful work you bring us 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥 FIYAAAHH

Would really appreciate feedback as well fam 😊🙏💯

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andrew3.14I dig this! check us out if you get the chance. I appreciate you ahead of time! link in my bio

thekristinmouraYup. All about marketing

homerikofficialSo true! You just need to know what your doing!

lnrfampageNice! Loving this

carmentoth111Yes the internet really opened up the floor. And it’s a biiiiiiiiig floor now lol 🤘🏻💜

hanna_voxYes that’s so true!!

visionar1kI love your post ,its wavey and unique

paula_vibesindiemusicspin You got mad skill rapping. @jm.beatz thinks so too. He wants to
work with you, DM him ASAP

pasquale_mfrindiemusicspin Your music is fire fr! @beatsbyscrilla is definitely gonna work wit you. DM him yo!

lerikaszIf Truly you are a music lover I will love you to listen to this amazing track Right now...😉

indiemusicspinCapturing a great story is never easy but this artist has come right from the heart and soul on this one.

lynoxeSend this to @CloutAcademy 💕


l.a_richdope bruh!

thekristinmouraGood to see hes moving into bigger things