Jax Daily September 4 - 9

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The Daily Jax is an an audio and video podcast about social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship that is built around audience participation. Listeners send in questions on Twitter using the #JAXDAILY hashtag and host Jacqueline Jax uses them as the basis of each episode’s discussion spanning across Music business topics, marketing and social media influence. 

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September 4:
Jax Daily YouTube’s Most-Subscribed Channel In September
Do you want to know how to be more successful on youtube? Today I'm talking about the top channel with 71 million subscribers and how you can get your videos discovered by thousands of new viewers even if your channel is new. Submit your music today: www.avaliveradio.info/airplay: more tips are also available at:www.JacquelineJax.tv 


September 5:
Jax Daily Freya Ridings British Breakthrough Artist Music Business news
Ridings’ 2017-released track, Lost Without You, is steadily becoming a hit. 23-year-old pianist Ridings now has close to 23m cumulative plays on Spotify, where she can also boast over 1.6m monthly listeners. 


September 6:
Jax Daily Album Review: Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ Music Business News
The rapper's voice hasn’t sounded quite so cranky, silly, impassioned or enraged since his early days but maybe that’s a great way to push his music to new heights. Listen to our album review to hear what people are saying about the New release. 


September 7
Jax Daily Building your personal brand from nothing
Are you wondering if it's too late to start building your brand? Jacqueline Jax has some great words of inspiration for artists getting into the social media game. More tips at : www.JacquelineJax.tv


September 8

Jax Daily How to Become a Successful Brand.
Are you doing all the right things for your future? Stop wasting time taking actions that don't bring you long term results. More tips for social media marketing : www.JacquelineJax.tv


Coming up: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-AVA-Live-Radio-Musi-29336730/

September 9

Jax Daily Jay Shetty Inspires Millions to view his Youtube videos

Self-dubbed “urban monk” Jay Shetty’s life changed when he was 18. After meeting a monk transformed his worldview, Shetty graduated college and promptly lit out for India, where he too became a monk. His channel has garnered nearly 30 million views. www.YouTube.com/JayShetty