Behind The Music with Len Cava on A Real Life Movie

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Band Name: Len Cava
Song name: A Real Life Movie

Music Genre:: Alternative Rock
I live in... : Philadelphia PA.

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This song is about...
how the world challenges you even when you have your rock, your moon, your sun, your stars, your everything. Sometimes you feel stuck in certain situations where others may look at your situation differently, or never truly give you a chance to explain your story. Somehow learning to accept things the way they are make you feel like you’re in your very own movie. This line ‘We’re a
Real Life Movie. It’s What We Are but That’s OK” sums up that feeling of acceptance and also sums up the theme of this album.

My music is...
Inspired from 90’s Alternative Rock. I am a huge fan of the 90’s, bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Offspring, Third Eye Blind, Oasis, U2 are all heavy influences for me. I would like to define my music as my way of sending relatable vibes and messages through my own experiences and how I was able to find a way to get through it.

I wanted to do something solo with a sound engineer helping to make this album really open up and sound the best that it could be. This is my first solo studio album and I am excited to build from this project and to continue to write.


Music advise...
Best piece of music advice came from my grandfather. He was a firm believer in finding your passion and going with it. He always used to tell me ‘when I see it I’ll believe it.’ After he passed away, I always carried what he taught me within. I know I’ll never go anywhere just talking. I have to just pick up the guitar, focus on the mood and drive I’m aiming for and write.

I love to create music because...
it is truly an outlet for me. My wife and I work two jobs with 3 amazing children- my daughters Fiona (2) and Kylie (4), and Tommy, my step son (10). While I am content and truly happy, I also struggle with depression and anxiety that stems from what’s going on around me. I know people may have it much worse and music helps me cope and focus on what is really important and what really matters rather than letting everything get to me. This album in particular not only helped me cope, it also helped me develop a voice.


Host Jacqueline Jax speaks with Len Cava about his new song ‘A Real Life movie”. A song that talks about rolling with the punches of life and depending on those people in your life who you love and consider to be your core support system. Going for your passion and not letting your dreams stay unrealized.


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indiemusicspinThis song is very special. After reading your meanings I realized how much effort you put into the lyrics. There’s real thought and empathy for the subject.

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