2.11 Songwriters Gold Showcase with host Jacqueline Jax

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Todays show is all about Country goodness and singer songwriters who are producing music that is meant to move and inspire you.

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Artist: Kylie Westerbeck

New Release: Sweet, Sweet, Yellow

Genre: Americana/Country

Located in: Philadelphia, PA (Originally from Fredericksburg, VA)

This song is...
From influences like Chris Stapleton, Florence and the Machine, Kasey Musgraves, and The Staves, Kylie Westerbeck combines heavy harmony and strong instrumentation, that makes this song a perfect song to uplift your darkest days. Kylie initially wrote “Sweet, Sweet, Yellow” in a time of experiencing immense grief. Through her experiences of grief, Kylie learned the importance of valuing self- growth and self-love. She hopes to reach new listeners looking for empowerment and strength in a difficult time.

The music we are creating is...
This song is part of Kylie’s debut album, “Bellow”. When writing the album, Kylie was reminded of the therapeutic value of music and its power in overcoming tough obstacles. Before recording, she had no idea the immense pull that country music would have over her sound. She has always had roots in country music, but has re-found her passion in writing it. This album is a starting point for Kylie’s career. It has opened the door and continued her love and motivation in country music. Using her background in Americana and country while combining it with her love of all genres of music, Kylie is hoping she can excel in finding herself inside the genre and producing new music that is as unique as her.

Right now we are...
Kylie has just relocated to the Philadelphia area, and will be traveling to Nashville for the month of June to pursue her music. In the next few months Kylie will be performing all across Philadelphia. In addition to traveling and performing, Kylie will be producing and releasing her next EP, “Summertime” in June 2019.

Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/kyliewesterbeck3
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5zsV3ZwNOD2bztOkhzPWRn?si=o3-9mC0ZT92slZjJu4iSRQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kylie-Westerbeck-783072138721835
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kyliewesterbeck

Artist: 7 Less

New Release: Home Less

Genre: pop / rock

Located in: Los Angeles, CA

This song is...
 We help other people and ourselves understand the emotions we are feeling through vulnerability in melodic storytelling. Home Less is about divorce in progress in the eyes of the child. Dad is cheating on his wife, mom is stuck at work all the time. This causes loneliness to consume the kid in their own house. They have a house but no home. They're Home Less.

The music we are creating is...
This song shows how substantial we are as individuals. We thrive in deep conversations and meaningful interactions. We are the type of men who are comfortable shedding tears despite society's mindset of how men shouldn't cry. Emotions can be difficult to express, that's why we suppress it. We alienate ourselves from people who are willing to help. That is why some people are lonely. 

Our songs help other people understand that they are not alone. The relatable stories of our songs make people feel more connected thus, giving them hope that they can move forward in life.

Right now we are...
We are releasing a stripped music video performance of the single and we are on the works of a new single.






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Song: Melissa
Artist: The Swinging Chads
Genre: Indie Pop Songwriter

This Song; Is the first completed for this album" Bringing the Heat'The Swinging Chads were on the road in Elko,Nevada,Our friend /Story teller Ronnie Maulden was in house that week. He had given me the Melissa Story a few months before our road trip.At this dinner meeting ,Melissa was there at our Chad Feast. After talking to her during the course of the meal.

I was able to write this song that evening and when arriving back home, I booked recording time with Keith Goddette at his studio; Fellow Chads Norman Collins and Larry Otis on Guitars and me on the Keys, Bass, Vocals and Horn Arraignments. We added Ken Ingels on drums the next week.

A friend at KRLA in SO Cal had called to see if we had new songs ready. A year later XR Power Radio has given the band two awards for a number one song.

Website & social media links: 
Website: http://www.theswingingchads.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theswingingchads

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Artist: Kolton Stewart

New Release: Move On

Genre: Singer-Songwriter / indie / soft pop

Located in: Toronto, Ontario

I consider myself to be a diverse artist ranging in many different genres. Some of my main inspirations are Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Ray Charles, Elton John, and Michael Jackson. I am also currently really into Lauv and Charlie Puth. This new song that I have released (Move On) is the first song that I have released where I have fully wrote and produced solely by myself. Not only is producing a new passion for me, but I have found that I am artistically able to do everything I want when I have full creative control which has been everything to me.

I think in result, this song is my favourite thing that I have ever released and it really shows who I am as an artist. This song truly means a lot to me and shows the place where I am in my life and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it!

Right now we are...
I am most excited to continue this writing/producing journey I am on. The past month I have written over 15 songs and I am just hoping to continue to expand my arsenal so that come 2019 I am fully prepared to start generating consistent releases. I am also headlining my first ever Christmas concert in about a week so I am extremely excited to play for a sold out show as my true love is live performances!!

Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/album/1Wk2dFOCCHfhBugqvpHndj
Twitter- @KoltonStewart
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/koltonstewart
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/KoltonStewartPerformer

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Artist: The Song Tailors Featuring Milla Devilliers
New Release: Beautiful Day For Flying
Genre: Pop

Located in: Orange County

This song is...
Created by Australian songwriter Ruth Picker as part of her artist platform THE SONG TAILORS. Collaborating with local and international artists.

Right now we are...
In 2019 Milla will be traveling to Australia to perform with Australian artists to celebrate the release of this single and the full album of Song Tailors artists.


Artist: Tommy Ocean

New Release: Another Day, Another Time

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Located in: Freiburg, Germany

I think there is no song more me than this one! Guess I just can't stop being optimistic, believing in a better day, in the day where the sun will shine and dreams come true and so on - crazy kids stuff! Even though I really wanted to write a pretty mean song when I started out with "Another Day, Another Time", it turned out differently... and at the end, it helped the creator himself quite a lot to overcome a very hard time, playing on and on in my "Head radio" that normally only spins Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler or Richie Havens...

The music we are creating is...
Pretty organic, trying move things on in the spirit of the sixties...

Right now we are...
Recording new songs and promoting finished songs


Erick Burdette avaliveradio.png

Artist: Erick Burdette

New Release: I'm So Proud

Genre: Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Located in: : Los Angeles, CA

“I'm so Proud” is about my wife, my daughters, family, friends and anyone that keeps pushing until their dreams become reality. "I'm so Proud" is the forth song from a six song CD called "Break the Chain" set to release on March 30th.

The music we are creating is...
"I'm So Proud" is the fourth song of a six song CD, set release on March 30th called "Break the Chain".

Right now we are...
I’m excited because I’m finally releasing more music to the world. "Break the Chain" March 30th. Thanks for Listening.



Artist: Mick J. Clark

New Release: Me My Body And I

Genre: Rock

Located in: United Kingdom

This song is...
Screw my music, I want Kids to stop Self Harming, and hopefully being 'Empowered' by listening to this song I wrote for them.

The music we are creating is...
Apologies if I come over boring, ( I'm not ), but this song is way more important than me. To know that children are Self Harming, with some children even committing suicide breaks my heart. Children shouldn't be feeling they need to do this to themselves. My song is a 'message' to children, to Empower them. To eradicate Mental Health problems you must make the 'Root' of society, ( the children ), better educated and more knowledgeable about the pitfalls, the traps and the many ways that 'adults' will try to psychologically screw your young lives up, and then 'adults' spend millions trying to put it right.

Right now we are...
Now children are Self Harming with Suicides at nearly 200 children a year. An 'Empowering' song, with the right lyrical message can 'Empower' children when they are ‘down’, and help them deal with their problems. Me My Body And I, by Mick J. Clark https://youtu.be/XKWPGgV-FaU But more than just listening to this song, we should get schools to sing this song in assembly, ( linking arms in a show of Solidarity for one another ), because singing is empowering, and our children are being targeted by so much today that some children cannot handle the pressure. We must give every child the 'tools' they need to cope with today's life, like. confidence, acceptance, knowledge and understanding of why some children act like they do, ( maybe against them ), and also tell children that they are targeted by Big Business, ( adults ), which is why they need to ‘help each other be as ‘smart and clever’ as 'Big Business'. This song has been well received by Radio Stations.



Artist: Brian Ford Music
New Release: Scatter Brained
Genre: Latin-Jazz

Located in: Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

This song is...
This song is an idea that sprang from a previous recording of "Samba Knights", where my singer, Renae Suttie, did an impromptu scat. I was so excited with her improvisation for scatting that I immediately sat down and wrote "Scatter Brained" specially for her. This is the result!

The music we are creating is...
The music I am creating is what I call "crossover-jazz". It's easy listening, yet provides a jazz element that most people seem to appreciate. I think there is a genre for this kind of music which I can only describe as a juncture between jazz, pop and blues. I'm not a professional musician, and only starting writing music about 18 months ago, so I'm a bit of a newbie - it's all for fun!
Though having won 2 x Silver medals and 1 x bronze from the Global Music Awards, the American Songwriting Awards and the UK Songwriting Contest last year, has given me the impetus to write more.

Right now we are...
Right now we have recorded an album of my songs called "Renae Suttie sings the Brian Ford Songbook Vol I", which was released in September of last year. Hence, I am now working on Vol II.