Songwriter Joe Fitzpatrick Tells His Truth in his New Single Better this way

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Artist: Joe Fitzpatrick Music Songwriter

New Release: Better this way

Genre: singer-songwriter

Located in: Ireland

This song is...
about my old life before I changed my life for the better. When I was in my late teens to early 20s, I used to be involved in a lot of trouble and crime. When I was 23, I was caught for a crime I was doing and I got four years in prison for my actions. The song is basically about how everything in my life changed at that very moment. I suppose for the better at the end of the day. Since then, I have changed my life around and it’s now in a good place. I’m now living my life right, the way I should have always been. But back then I didn’t know right from wrong. This song tells the truth of what really happens when the shit hits the fan. How everything can change in a split second.

The music we are creating is...
To be honest it doesn’t really have importance to my direction. To be honest, I don’t think that I really found my direction yet. As I just started showing my music since November, I would say come back to me in a year and I will be able to tell you the direction I’m going. Well, let’s hope I’m going in the right direction or im f**ked haha. All I really want is for people to be able to relate to some of my songs even though I know most people might not relate to every song. Well in a way I hope not or else that means they sort of messed up a lot of good years in their life to. I think my first few songs are just me explaining myself for the way I was and the way that I felt.

Right now we are...
Releasing two singles on music platforms the 1st of April. "leaving" and "No one ever hears". Will have links up on my social media pages soon. Keep a look out.