Behind The Music with Den of Ashes on California and his New Album Journey forward

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Band Name: 
Ash: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Greg Liesz: Pedal Steel
Lili Haydn: Violin
Dan Rothchild: Bass
Alex Alessandroni: Piano, Synth

Person Interviewing: Ash Beck

Song name: California

Music Genre:: American Western Rock / Folk

I live in: Hermosa Beach, CA a small costal town in Los Angeles

Link to play:

Can you share a little about what inspired “California” and what that song means to you?

This song is about...
My journey to California set back in time. It's autobiographical. My music is a journey into the love, hope, dreams, fear and death of all of us. The human condition. The songs are very personal and have come together of 9 long months of fine tuning the sounds in the studio but a lifetime of walking this path as a Human Being.

Best Advise…

“Let it flow, don't think.”

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You just released your New Album this month, what’s that been like so far?
It’s been a really busy time preparing to launch this Album but the reviews have been amazing and well worth all the effort. I’ve seen a consistent build as I’ve progressed in the release and I’m happy to say that my fans have been enjoying the entire Album. It’s really nice as an artist to see people enjoying the entire Album.

What can we expect from your full-length Album?
Pure chaos. I’m currently preparing for my tour, rehearsing and planning music videos. The challenge is to try to create a very intimate, rich story telling and unique experience for fans to enjoy in the tour after they have heard the Album. This means choosing the right venues and making sure that we fine tune the performance. I’m looking forward to this journey as we take this music across the country.


How has it been for you to see new listeners connecting with those songs?
The song seems to be grabbing the listener and encouraging them to listen to the entire album. At one performance one of my live listeners was crying after hearing the song. He said he was feeling remorseful and regret about loosing his way. He thought about his journey and the dreams he originally had coming to California and how far he had deviated from his path. It made him think and perhaps regained his hope for the future.

I’m sure you may feel differently 1 year from now but how has this experiences shaped you as an artist?
I think it’s made me much more definitive on what I would like to accomplish in my career as a songwriter and musician. I feel like I have dealt with my demons in this process and found the beauty in the darkness of the emotions but that’s traditionally what the essence of Western Music is.

It’s not really a genre to me as much as it’s an experience.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
I have no control over what I write, my music flows in the direction it wants to. It's so close to me that it represents my subconsious highs and lows. It's historical in my life past present future. It sometimes takes time to reveal itself. Once I understand it then i can finish the process and move on.

Beginners rush where creators who have learned the value of perfecting their craft savor the journey. There’s nothing like creating something that makes a difference in people lives so taking the time to make sure it lives an eternity after it’s released. 

I like to create things that can rest in time. The creation process is organic. 

To earn fans you have to be vulnerable and consistently producing content for people to experience and consume. With that comes that feeling of being exposed so you have to be both strong and confident. You have to know who you are in order to be able to stand by your work.

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The music business is changing…

and I don't feel that I have to change along with it. From an artist's point of view, I can carve my own path. If you follow everyone and you are the same, then who needs you?! Unique is better than conformity any day. Sure you have to exist as an artist. Your ability to convey who and what you are is paramount. Saying the same thing as everyone else wrapped in the same package is the death of creativity.

The business of being an artist is wide open. There are many different ways to market yourself, just choose the approach that is true to you and the image you want to convey. That come from within. My love with music is simple, it is the closest expression to an audience, just like a painting. people react to it. The beauty of music is you can listen to it as many time as you like and find something new within it, or revisit it later on and regain a connection, a thought or emotion.

The music business is changing and I don't feel that I have to change along with it. From an artist's point of view, I can carve my own path: Den of Ashes.

What’s coming up:

I have video and a tour in development.

I’ll be starting on the West Coast making sure that we choose venues that fit the audience and the tour. “The Community Theater Tour” .

New single now playing on Spotify

Website & social media links:

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REVIEWS: Jacqueline Jax Host of AVA Live Radio

Ash has made a powerful impact with his New Album released this month. Through this music, he has successfully reminded himself of the reasons why he went to California to pursue his dreams and he continues to remind me of my dreams every time I listen to it. I’m in the Den of Ashes and never wanting out. Thanks for inspiring me.



Also known for his work in Film.!

The music video was created by visualist Ash Beck. It was filmed on August 22 and 23, 2002 and debuted on CMTon October 4, 2002. The video is set in a dystopian futuristic setting, with Twain riding a motorcycle out of a secret location and cruising around the city. The video was a success, peaking at number one on VH1's weekly countdown. The video won the Best Video of the Year Award at the 2003 Canadian Country Music Awards, and Concept Video of the Year at the 2003 CMT Flameworthy Awards. Costing 1 million to produce. 

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