4.29 New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax

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Black Rose Reception up jumped the devil logo.jpg

Artist: Black Rose Reception

New Release: Up jumped the devil

Genre: Hard rock

Located in: Indiana

The music we are creating is old and new school music mix. The message in this song is you can overcome the demons of depression, suicide, and stress that we all deal with. There are great and professional people out there who can help. Right now we are going in studio recording more new tracks.


Para Lia 1byMrsAgnesSommer_team_clermont_300dpi.jpg

Artist: Para Lia

New Release: Who Gets Fooled Again

Genre: Alternative Rock / Indie Rock

Located in: Berlin, Germany

This song is...
Para Lia is an indie / alternative rock duo, which is based in Cottbus near Berlin and started in 2018. Para Lia’s musical influences are mainly many and include bands like Sebadoh, The Notwist, Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Tom, Motorpsycho, Pixies, and Interpol, and of Neil Young and the garage rock sound of the mid-1960s from bands like The Who, Creation, and The Eyes.

The song ‘Who Gets Fooled Again’ is a powerful track from the debut album ‘Soap Bubble Dreams’, which dropped in March and has received press accolades and playlist inclusions from across the globe. If you like your indie/alt rock served via with a loud and crunchy wall of sound, with dark, offbeat atmospheres, coolly droning, mysterious lead vocals and dreamy female harmonies, Para Lia just might be your ticket.

The music we are creating is...
Para Lia’s musical influences are mainly many and include bands like Sebadoh, The Notwist, Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Tom, Motorpsycho, Pixies, and Interpol, and of Neil Young and the garage rock sound of the mid-1960s from bands like The Who, Creation, and The Eyes.

With the conception of 'Soap Bubble Dreams' Para Lia are celebrating the indie/alternative rock sound of the ’90s along with stylistic elements of 80’s darkwave and psychedelic prog rock. All these various combinations are the reasons why songs like “The Man Who Went Away” get played on indie rock radio stations in the US, UK, and Australia and why songs like “Who Gets Fooled Again” have won big fandom on Soundcloud.
The Skope Mag wrote to ‘Soap Bubble Dreams’ “The originality is all their own, they just seem to choose a unique way of sounding superior in their own-right without reinventing the wheels of the past.” This is what you can hear in ‘Who Gets Fooled Again’.

Right now...
Para Lia is preparing the release of a new single, which will drop in June. And of course other new songs are in the recording process.


Rosetta Fire Shakedown Artwork.jpg

Artist: Rosetta Fire

New Release: Shakedown

Genre: Indie Rock

Located in: Warwickshire, England

This song is...
 'Shakedown is about shaking off those fears of failure and giving it your best shot. Re-inventing yourself somewhat. Taking the best wishes of those around you and aiming to do them proud; but ultimately knowing that you have given it everything. For us that is music, but I don't feel it's limited to that.' Ant Gliddon - lead singer from Rosetta Fire. https://open.spotify.com/track/3DN3BIUNvtt9qQ3Og53pC5?si=biknPbTnToyPHDpoTDYvpw

The music we are creating is...
Rosetta Fire will continue to showcase their unique brand of pop melodies, jazz inspired hooks, funk rhythms and folk rock vibes in venues around the UK in 2019, playing newly composed material in their live shows and honing their signature sound.

Their blend of tight harmonies, strong melodies and memorable lyrics with an added pinch of optimism are trademark Rosetta Fire, with each new song showing a flash of creative brilliance from a band with an unorthodox sound.

Right now we are...
New single - Shakedown - Out Now!!


ash beck den of ashes.png

Artist: Den of Ashes

New Release: California

Genre: American Western Rock

Located in: Hermosa Beach, CA

This song is...
Life is a journey. Mine was to California where I came to live out all of my dreams. When I came to Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to meet many stars from the Golden Era of Hollywood. I was the youth they once were. Their stories were fascinating!  I found the romance of the West in past and present, indulging in the culture of the West Coast, there to be discovered. These are my stories and experiences, gathered in the Den of Ashes.


Chanidu concert nightypic.jpg

Artist: Chanidu

New Release: Easy Life

Genre: Alternative Rock

Located in: Edison, New Jersey USA
Easy Life’ is about what we come to find out as life progresses that life is not easy. This is found in all aspects of life, e.g marriage, work or type of work, schooling in the sense that if you do not study, you may not pass. Look at the quest for gold, gold hunters dig through deep seas and beyond to find gold, sometimes they do and sometimes they come out empty. This is the aspect of life that may or may not be. This quest to find a better life can come through but not until you lay the foundation, therefore there is no easy life.

The music we are creating is...
It helps to keep me under check to remind me that everyday comes with a struggle to get to tomorrow. And tomorrow is unpredictable.

Right now we are...
Easy Life has a video clip. Right now I took a studio time to record a song I wrote for my mom's passing in August 2018. Every mother should be loved and I have not met any one who doesn't. I do have an EP on my website that is not released yet titled "Enjoy the day".


Band Name: Emmaline

Vocals: Emmaline Campbell
Guitarist: Ryan Mondak

Song name: Hound

Music Genre:: RnB/Soul

This song is about…
I wrote this song with the idea of addiction in mind. Whether it be toxic substances, toxic people, or toxic mindsets, the “Hound” in this song is a metaphor for something you wish you could live without, but keep coming back to.

My music is…
Sonically, my music is very soul/R&B influenced but lyrically, it reflects that of a more Alternative genre. Along with Soul, Blues, and R&B, I’ve listened to a large amount of Alternative Rock and Grunge, I believe my lyrics truly reflect this.

I live in…
 I currently live in Cincinnati. The music scene here is great for playing fancy restaurants, bars and lounges but not so great for private music venues and festivals. My band currently has a residency at the upscale Prime Steakhouse downtown every Wednesday and every other Friday night. After I graduate school the plan is to move to New York City or L.A.

INSTAGRAM emmalineofficial

Sound Machine Dope Art (Ambient Mix).png

Artist: Sound Machine (Band)/Sunil Bhatia (Artist)

New Release: Dope (Ambient Mix)

Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic, Ambient, Acoustic, Rock. Can also be considered in the category of Lounge Music.

Located in: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This song is...
This is an Instrumental track in the easy listening space. The Music is simple yet infused with sounds which would take one back the the 60 and 70's era of Acoustic Rock Music, at a slower pace.

The music we are creating is...
This track is the outcome of the Sound Machine's endeavor to bring out something new and different with every track. Hope that the listeners like it and takes them back to the good old days of Analog music and sounds. This is from the second album of Sound Machine. Will hopefully add vocals in future mixes.


Mick J Clark 1.jpg

Artist: Mick J Clark
New Release: Blow Those Candles Out
Genre: Pop
Located in: : London, UK

This song is...
My music genre covers, Rock, Ballads, Dance and Country, and some Political :-)).The song I am promoting is a Birthday Song that I hope everybody would be happy to play and dance to on their birthday, and their birthday party night.

After writing over 50 songs, all excepted by Radio Stations who luckily always ask for more 'New Music', I am going to just concentrate on promoting my 'Birthday Song, my 'Summer Song and my Christmas EP., with just maybe a dash of 'Pollitical' :-))

Right now we are...
I am most exited about my 'New Conga, Party, Birthday Song' replacing Stevie Wonder's Birthday Song :-))