7.1 New Music Monday Playlist Hosted by Jacqueline Jax

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Explore some exciting new music from creators all over the world recently discovered by our host Jacqueline Jax as she searches the far corners of the globe for talented songwriters and music creators who are telling their truth to bring the listener a unique experience. This show offers everything for fans of New Music from Rock to Acoustic Songwriter styles that speak volumes through great song writing. You’ll love the lyrics and unique music we have just discovered for this segment. 




-Spotify has officially released it’s decision on distribution

- HIP looses it’s dominance of the US streaming charts

-Our top 3 iInstagram trends to watch

-Taylor Swift speaks out about the raw deal she signed at 15, could she have been a label launch baby and not the organic phenomenon we thought? 

-What happened July 1st in Rock Music History

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Artist: Black Cadillac Kings

New Release: Upside The Wall

Genre: Southern Style Rock

Located in: Klamath Falls, Oregon

This song is fast moving, quick pit stop structured song meaning it has the feeling of rolling down the highway at high speeds. Very catchy/bluesy guitar riffs and ultra southern slide Guitar lead licks mixed with thunderous drums and a stand-up bass that helps it keep a down-home southern rock groove combined with a rockabilly twist. The vocals lend a unique style in the originality of the sound of Shane Thornton (Lead) and Chris Garrett’s (Harmony) voices give them a sound all their own.

The name of this album is called 4 On The Floor. We took a harder, grittier, darker approach to this record both musically and lyrically. It is definitely the hardest rocking record that Black Cadillac Kings has released thus far compared to our 3 previous records 1. Self-titled Black Cadillac Kings 2. 2nd GEAR 3. 3 On The Tree

Right now we are gearing up for a mini-tour across the country starting off in our home town of Klamath Falls, Oregon at the Basin Brew & Que festival. Then we are off to Atlanta, GA to attend the 2019 ISSA AWARDS where Black Cadillac Kings have been nominated to the finals in 3 categories: Entertainer Of The Year, Band Of The Year and Single Of The Year!



Twitter handle @BlackCaddyKings www.twitter.com/BlackCaddyKings



Paul j clark afterglow avaliveradio.png

Artist: Paul J. Clark

New Release: Afterglow

Genre: Alternative rock

Located in: Nashville, TN, USA

The latest single from songwriter Paul J Clark, this song is about the longing to return home while searching for the fulfillment found in the responsibilities of life. Inspired by the Voyager space probe, the golden record it carries containing a time capsule of information about all of us, and a picture it took of Earth from over 4 billion miles away.

Written in the first person from the perspective of Voyager (a satellite of sorts), it’s an abstract metaphor grounded in very real human experience. This song is heavily influenced by the sounds from the ’90s. There are two conflicting emotions battling for resolution throughout the song. This is reflected in the song instrumentation and structure. It combines driving rock guitars with symphonic instrumentation to effortlessly weave together genres into something both nostalgic and new. Musically, it brings to mind guitar-driven songs from the likes of Collective Soul, Linkin Park, Train, Weezer, and Tom Petty.

Twitter: @PaulClarkMusic

Mental Zoo sarah sunday avaliveradio.png

Artist: Sarah Sunday
New Release: Mental Zoo

Genre: Alternative Poppy zpunk
Located in: East Brunswick NJ USA

This song is the sound and style of PUNK Rock/New Wave that ruled the airwaves in the ’80s joins this Retro Vibe Revival with the vocal prowess of SARAH SUNDAY! The track title, Mental Zoo really puts a spotlight on Anxiety and Depression issues that are all too common, we tried to write a song which shows these Mental issues can be solved, kind of has a happy ending! Let’s run away….on a bright Sunday, we both are familiar with these issues….and wanted a happy sounding song about a dark issue...

Her Latest Single MENTAL ZOO - offers a playful edge with brilliant vocal hooks, pulsating downbeats and tempo flows with that Punk Rock/New Wave core, rounding out perfectly. This single is part of a collaboration between Sarah Sunday and Producer Mbj.

Twitter @sarahsundaymus2

Black Rose Reception up jumped the devil logo.jpg

Artist: Black Rose Reception

New Release: Up jumped the devil

Genre: Hard rock

Located in: Indiana

The music we are creating is old and new school music mix. The message in this song is you can overcome the demons of depression, suicide, and stress that we all deal with. There are great and professional people out there who can help. Right now we are going in studio recording more new tracks.


Artist: Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington
New Release: Independence Day Blues

Genre: Rock
Located in: : UK

'Independence Day Blues' was our first collaboration together as Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington and paved the way for the 'Northeast' album.

The song is a reflection on a friend who spent some time living in the UK but then decided to return to the US. That happened early one July and she made it home for July 4th, hence the title. As we approach the anniversary, it seems a good time to release it as a single. We also had a couple of other bluesy Northeast musicians join us for the session - Duncan Lister on guitar and Andy Woodhouse on drums.

We are combining our folk, rock and blues influences to deliver some new music that we like playing and recording.

As a songwriter, it's good to get into the studio and see how the songs develop as other trusted musicians become involved. They often take the song and the sound in different directions to my original ideas, and I think this blending is beneficial to the whole sound we are trying to create. As part of our collaborative effort, Ali Davis has produced some very nice watercolor artwork for the single - flying back home for Independence Day.

Right now we are very busy promoting the 'Northeast' album and will start work later in the year on some follow-up songs, mainly newly written, but with some of my earlier songs added in as well.


ash beck den of ashes.png

Artist: Den of Ashes

New Release: California

Genre: American Western Rock

Located in: Hermosa Beach, CA

This song is...
Life is a journey. Mine was to California where I came to live out all of my dreams. When I came to Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to meet many stars from the Golden Era of Hollywood. I was the youth they once were. Their stories were fascinating!  I found the romance of the West in past and present, indulging in the culture of the West Coast, there to be discovered. These are my stories and experiences, gathered in the Den of Ashes.


Fight Like Sin.png

Band Name: Fight Like Sin
Name of song: Nightmare

Genre : Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock
Fight Like Sin fearlessly engages, and flawlessly delivers, strong, emotional, and core stirring anth emic rock. An assailing descent into the modern rock arena.
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Ixyt0Ah86g7rmyguEkcTp
Facebook : https;//facebook.com/fightlikesin
Twitter : @FightLikeSin
Instagram : https://instagram.com/fightlikesin