March New Music Monday Dance Pop | Electronic Mix | Hip Hop | Americana Rock

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Miles Apart Dante Palminteri avaliveradio.png

Artist: Dante Palminteri

New Release: Miles Apart

Genre: Pop Rock / Singer-Songwriter

Located in: New York City

This song is...
As a singer-songwriter, I try to peel back the layers of every day life and focus on the little nuances of falling in love or going through heartbreak. It's really important to me to recount my own experiences and be as vulnerable as possible in my writing. I wrote "Miles Apart" about still loving someone who wants nothing to do with you at the end of a relationship - abandoning the motions of being with someone, and fighting through the pain and sadness on your own.

Right now we are...
Headline show at The Cutting Room in NYC, on March 16th at 9:30PM. Filming the official video for "Miles Apart." The director and I have taken the stereotypical story on a failing relationship and twisted it into a more immersive, artistic concept with POV shots that drop fans into the narrative.

Spotify: spotify:album:1niK1sxdAU3XqGIH4US9np
Twitter: @dantepalminteri 

Artist: Liah Alonso & DJ Taz Rashid


Genre: Dance/POP

Located in: : New York, NY

This song is...
Excited to announce my new song, LIGHT TO THE UNIVERSE - remixed by DJ TAZ RASHID will hit the global airwaves and a hot dance floor or yoga studio near you March 1st! Light To The Universe is a musical prayer for love, light and peace that was inspired by an ancient prayer whose origin is unknown. This Remix Is the first of a 7 song collaboration with the world famous Producer/DJ Taz Rashid.

LIGHT TO THE UNIVERSE is the first single from the album collaboration between international troubadour and Gypsy Cowgirl, Liah Alonso and DJ/Producer Taz Rashid. The two artists have joined together to bring positivity and mindfulness to dance floors and yoga studios around the world.

Right now we are...
Stay tuned for the LIGHT TO THE UNIVERSE music video! The video features dancer and tv host, Vandana Hart (We Speak Dance) and Liah dancing with majestic horses! Liah and Taz are currently getting ready to launch a single every month along with a video:) The two will be touring both solo and together in 2019 and 2020.


Artist: Den of Ashes

New Release: California

Genre: American Western Rock

Located in: Hermosa Beach, CA

The journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. I'm continuing mine and have a lot to look forward to on the road ahead, touring, performing, interviews and living new experiences through my fans and friends.

I’ve always known that Life is a journey. Mine was to California where I came to focus on my dreams. When I came to Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to meet many stars from the Golden Era of Hollywood. I was the youth they once were as they shared their stories with me. I found the romance of the West and indulged in the intoxicating past of the West Coast left there to be discovered. These are my stories in the Den of Ashes.

The music we are creating is...
I am committed to bringing back the genre of Western music as Western Rock and Folk, skipping the needle forward 50 years, where it left off.

Spotify: Den of Ashes

Wolf Spectrum (EP).jpg

Artist: Wolf

New Release: Go Crazy!

Genre: EDM, Electronic

Located in: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This song is...
Catchy and has a more rockier feel than the previous singles that was produced.

The music we are creating is...
A big step up from the previous releases (Rave into the Night singles & lead single 'Bass Heavy') as the track has a rockier edge and 'Go Crazy!' is a catchy song overall. Also, don't sleep on the new EP, 'Spectrum' which you can download/stream/purchase it on:

Right now we are...
In the studio working on new material and hopefully a new EP before the end of the year.

Spotify link (song):
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La Roboká.png

Artist: La Roboká

New Release: Bipolar

Genre: Electro Pop

Located in: : Berlin, Germany

This song is about a person trying to dance away her bipolar disorder.

The music we are creating is our own version of electro-pop-rock. La Roboká started four month ago and consists of a classic soprano singer and a film-composer, Lady K & Robulus, two artists from completely different musical worlds. A classical voice hooked to electronic dance beats? Why one earth should we do this?! Because it´s so much fun!

Lady K has an ongoing history on opera stages. Robulus not only composes film music but is also working as a director. We know each other for a long time until we saw our potential during a film production we’ve both worked on. With La Roboká we share our common interest in exciting, sometimes dancable, sometimes captivating music and putting on an extra layer of theatrics.

Right now we are...
working heavily on our debut EP ‘MASKALICIOUS’ which will come out in April this year. With this record we will jump between genres, give you an emotional anthem to sing along and then surprise you with an ecstatic danceable electropop tune.


Popichil`O 2.jpg

Artist: Popichil`O 

New Release: Melody

Genre: Hiphop

The music I am creating is...
This is real life music. Real thoughts, real emotions, real life moments. Reality not fantasy. Music that can inspire or help someone. Teach and reach. It’s ok to have a balance. We are human and sometimes I do feel like partying and sometimes I do feel like thinking. Don't take my choice away. I'm in a great place musically in my life and you can hear it and feel it threw the music.

"I'm really excited because I just finished my first EP titled "Don't Stop Me now". I am currently working on my first studio album which I'm almost halfway done with so stay in tune. This has been an exciting year for me and there's more to come. I feel truly blessed🙏🏼 Thank you for the love and support....1~Luv"

Kristin Moura avaliveradio NMM.png

Artist: Kristin Moura

New Release: Turn On The Gravity

Genre: Pop

Located in: Boston, Ma

Turn On The Gravity is about just having the force of gravity to keep us grounded to life. "Can't keep my feet off the ground, everything's spinning around". There is a lot that goes on and sometimes it’s hard to stay focused. My music is inspired by all the drama around me and others.

It’s relatable for everyone because it gets to the root of the problem. Everyone constantly has things spinning around themselves (So much going on)and we need to find a way to keep our feet on the ground. So if we turn on gravity, this will help ground us to our routine for days to come. 

There is always drama between people that create these obscure stories that sometimes bend the truth. It doesn't make it difficult to focus; I take it as an experience and roll with it. It’s just something you can create another story about or song.

Right now I am...
always writing and creating material. I am planning on releasing these last few originals as an EP.


Artist: Sound Machine (Band)/Sunil Bhatia (Artist)

New Release: Anthem

Genre: Electronic Rock

Located in: : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This song is...
This an instrumental Electronica track with rock and symphonic elements in it.

The music we are creating is...
This is a blend of the rock and pop sounds along with electronica and techno sounds of these days. Its important as it would be able to reach across a wider audience, hopefully making them want to dance also.

Being the thirrt track from the 2nd Album by the Sound Machine(Band)/Sunil Bhatiia(Artist), its in continuity of the earlier track submitted to and played by AVA Life Radio.

Right now we are...
Am a Singer, Songwriter and Composer based out of Mumbai. Have also authored a storybook with a poems section too called "My Feathered Friends & the Book of Poems-Part 1" available across online platforms.


Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: I Admit

Genre: Alternative Rock

Located in: Colorado and Nebraska USA
I Admit is about discovering ones self and admitting how they are without any inhibition. These are all forged by Life experiences. We will be releasing a new album on April 15th.


Cabela and Schmitt memorophilia-photo-CD-shape.jpg

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: Lonesome Railroad

Genre: Instrumental

Located in: Colorado and Nebraska USA

This song is... Soothing and relaxing

The music we are creating is...
We are songwriters/composers. 
This world of ours has always been filled with good and bad, and we all have the God-given ability to choose how we want to view this world. We hope always that more people will choose to see the world as good. We are all given a voice, in some way or another, to communicate how we see and experience our world. It is our choice how and when to use that voice, and we have chosen to use this venue as our voice to expose our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in the best way we can…through a song.

We have always wanted to share our music, without giving up the wonderful life we’ve been given. With the new technologies now at our fingertips, and with never-ending inspirations for making music, the internet has become the perfect place to land our music, to share with anyone and everyone. 

We are so very happy and excited to be able to share with you!

Right now we are...
In the process of completing and releasing a couple new single and an album by April 15