New Electronic Single from  4-Fo-Rela 'Rela Demic'

4-Fo-Rela AVA LIVE RADIO rock mania.png

Artist: 4-Fo-Rela

New Release: Rela Demic

Genre: Electronica, Rock

Located: Wood River, Illinois

This song is...
DJ Co1 recording producer & Disc Jockey for 4-Fo-Rela has released "RelaDemic".. "RelaDemic is a modern day electronic track from the heart of the Midwest. With hard drum n bass and amazing ambient sounds RelaDemic will satisfy any listeners need for new electronic sound. "RelaDemic" is a powerfull push back into the music scene for DJ Co1 and he plans to entertain the masses in 2019.

The music we are creating is...
The Music created is cutting edge, new tech & just simply powerful.

Right now we are..
 Super excited our new Rela Radio Show on Monday Nights. Putting Independent music into listeners ears.