5.6 New Music Monday with host Jacqueline Jax

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Explore some exciting new music from creators all over the world recently discovered by our host Jacqueline Jax as she searches the far corners of the globe for talented songwriters and music creators who are telling their truth to bring the listener a unique experience. From dealing with the depths of depression to sounds that will inspire you to get up and dance or connect with you about the perils of social media on our brains, this show offers everything for fans of New Music.

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Tough On Fridays avaliveradio.png

Artist: Tough On Fridays

New Release: Little Italy

Genre: Rock: Alternative Rock

Located in: : Georgetown, TX

Tough On Fridays is a rising alternative rock duo from Georgetown, Texas. Comprised of best friends Katie and Caleigh, the two have turned their shared passion for music into an exciting blend of pop and rock sounds! Inspired by iconic alternative bands like Paramore, Green Day, Basement, and Nirvana, Katie and Caleigh work together to bring a refreshing new sound to the alternative rock genre.

The band’s unique attitude and exciting new sound have garnered serious attention from fans everywhere. As one of 10 songs recorded, the recording of "Little Italy" further defines Tough On Fridays sound as something unique. While many reviewers have tried to categorize the band, the one thing they seem to agree on is that Tough On Fridays, with their edgy, hooky, anthemic songs, may have the ability to bridge the gap between rock and pop in a way that hasn't been done in some time. They refuse to be categorized as a "female-fronted band" as these two can write and play every bit as well as the boys. They have the look, but refuse to let that be the stepping stone that takes them away from the music.

Right now...
Tough On Fridays just reached its initial crowdfunding goal to fund the recording of an album in 2020 with the help of a contribution from a local radio station.


Liz Cirelli  Awakening album cover.png

Artist: Liz Cirelli

New Release: Rise

Genre: Alternative RnB, vapor soul, indie RnB, folktronica,

Located in: London

This song is...
The world feels like quite a dark place at times, especially at the moment. This song was made to provide a short respite...a breath of fresh air. A sensual, catchy and uplifting love song with breathy, ethereal vocals and crisp, bouncy percussion. A memorable, rhythmic organ riff is played throughout the song - and soft pads and strings give the track beautiful layers of texture and emotion.

This song can be about a lot of things. It can be about freedom: to be free from the false and imagined shackles of human existence so that we can soar. It can be about what it feels to be light and liberated, weightless and boundless. It can be about having the courage to accept God's will: to go against the grain of society and 'rise' above the rest. It can also be about feeling stimulated by a lover's desire, to feel their warm embrace during the night and to seek comfort and pleasure in their physical body. Rise: to raise our vibration: to be aligned with love energy.

The music we are creating is...
designed to be deeply healing, deeper than magic...and something that will remain a timeless masterpiece...

Right now we are...
preparing to remix a track from Gavin Greenaway's new album, "Woven", and also preparing to start performing live shows of my recently released album, "Awakening". I've also been releasing music videos for my album - the next one is due to be released on May 17th.

Bandcamp: https://lizcirelli.bandcamp.com/track/rise
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7z5XhfryOERGtjIG9WCJbN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Liz_Cirelli
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lizcirellimusic
Instagram: https://instagram.com/liz_cirelli

Artist: Kerry Kathleen

New Release: Homegirl

Genre: Pop, chill vibe, some electronic influence

Located in: Santa Rosa CA

This song is...
Dreamy pop with a chill down tempo influence of ethereal harmonies and catchy melodies. This is my debut single and I’m extremely proud of how the production turned out. The song was written about my roommate and is personal to me. I want it to be on everyones chill down tempo playlists similar to Alina Baraz.

Right now we are...
I am playing some awesome local Sonoma county venues this month. Edgy open mic on May 2nd, Belly taproom on May 11, and Elephant in the room on May 19th. The second 2 shows are wth a full band including drums and bass. I am working on my firstEP!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/12R0IOrL6VLClYWiHjfNcE?si=upQ2BGvOQCKwbeD7I3iBww 
Twitter @kerrykathleenn 
Facebook @https://www.facebook.com/KerryKatheen
Instagram @kerrykathleenmusic

PyraKite popcorn brain.jpg

Artist: PyraKite

New Release: Popcorn Brain

Genre: Disco, Pop, Indiepop

Located in: Falun

What happens when you combine Jamiroquai, Boney M and Beastie Boys? You would have to make the impossible possible. This funny, ironic little piece of music is a reflection of our times and a hell of a groovy dance track to get everyone's feet moving on the dancefloor.

The music we are creating is...
in the direct influence of Artificial Intelligence. Our last record wanted to discover the mysticism of life and this time we're heading head over heels into the AI Robotic side of humanitys unconscious.

Right now we are...
releasing Popcorn Brain. This is the first single from the coming album `Conversations with an AI Robot`were we intend to dig deep into the weird situations and problems humanity might face with that new technology. This track is a funny, ironic and groovy disco-track about social media.


Haley Esbenshade avaliveradio .png

Artist: Haley Esbenshade

New Release: Running Back

Genre: Contemporary Christian

Located in: Lancaster, PA, United States

This song is about coming from a time of darkness and loneliness to joy, finding a purpose in life. The music I'm creating is based on realistic struggles and situations. I'm taking my personal experiences and sharing how I overcome them by speaking truth over my life. I want listeners to be able to hear my music and be impacted in a way that they can overcome their struggles too.

Right now I am in the process of making a music video for my first single. Stay tune for the announcement.

Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/AbbeyvilleRoad/song/30755870-haley-esbenshade--running-back 
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0NB4LiM5yAAy08YgILOnaa 
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/haleyesbenshadee
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haleyesbenshade/?hl=en 
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/haley-esbenshade

Artist: Stacy Gabel

New Release: Straight to Voicemail - Release date April 30th

Genre: pop - Adult Alternative - SingerSongwriter - Theatrical Pop

Located in: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania USA (Allentown if you need a specific city)
My first release as a solo artist. This song is an empowering upbeat song with a catchy hook and smart lyrics. It addresses the common issue of cliche pet names by those who are not your significant other. Everyone has faced this issue at some time. The song captured my personality and used my smart lyrics to convey my message in a fun, playful way with some humor thrown in. I play acoustic guitar on the track and other instrumentation would

The Music…
This release is important because it is the first single I am putting out to the world. I am hoping it will help me to build a fanbase that will continue to follow me as I release the next few songs that will become my album. The music I will be putting out will be produced and recorded at the utmost highest professional level and will be complemented with a professional music video.

This independent artist is doing everything she can to reach a broader audience and to connect with them by having great quality music that they will enjoy and relate to. This release is important because it will give me the support and foundation to allow me to continue to pursue my passion as my career.

Right now we are...
Releasing my new single and music video, Straight to Voicemail - Release Date April 30th





Sound Machine Welcome to my party (Artwork).JPG

Artist: Sound Machine (Band)/Sunil Bhatia (Artist)

New Release: Welcome to my party

Genre: EDM, Techno

Located in: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This song is...
This an Instrumental EDM, Techno track with a faster beat. Can be a Club Dance number also. Have been making Indie Music as a Singer, Songwriter and Composer with English and Hindi songs over the years and have also released 2 Bollywood songs as composer/lyricist in the past.

Right now we are...
Working on more tracks at the moment, hopefully with vocals. Have also released a Fiction/Humour/Self Help book called "My Feathered Friends & The Book of Poems-Part 1" which is available online.


Gone but not forgotten chanidu.png

Artist: Chanidu

New Release: Gone but not forgotten. Mom's eulogy.

Genre: Alternative rock

Located in: Edison, New Jersey USA

His song eulogizes moms who have passed on. The love they gave to us while they were here, the sacrifices they made to get us where we are not and also where we will be tomorrow.

The music we are creating is...
My music is always about love. Some specific to events and some with affiliation and affinity. People listen and relate and this why I write with experience and empathy.

Right now we are...
I made a video for my last single easy life, a simple and straightforward video. Still trying to upload it on YouTube . I will appreciate it if everyone can check it out. My next single is the title of the album I am trying to put out. Please be on the look out for it.



The Time Apart pochette disque D Day.jpg

Artist: The Time Apart

New Release: D-Day

Genre: Pop / singer-songwriter cinematic

Located in: Toulouse, France

This song is the begining of the story of a character to ask ourselves the meaning of our life in the choices we made and their consequences.

The Time Apart made songs has it was part of a movie. Each song is a different point of view from a character who is waiting for his D-Day. The idea is to get inside the mind of this character and tell us about his feelings without any filters. That’s why the lyrics can sound as simple as naive. The production is very cinematic with strings, french horns and huge percussions mixed with electronic sounds.

Right now we are...
We are still producing and we are working to release new titles this summer.