6.24 New Music Monday Playlist with Host Jacqueline Jax

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Explore some exciting new music from creators all over the world recently discovered by our host Jacqueline Jax as she searches the far corners of the globe for talented songwriters and music creators who are telling their truth to bring the listener a unique experience. This show offers everything for fans of New Music from Rock to Acoustic Songwriter styles that speak volumes through great song writing. You’ll love the lyrics and unique music we have just discovered for this segment. 

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Artist: Shoot the Rooster
New Release: Went to Hell
Genre: Rock
Located in: Elkton Michigan

We're a solid, good old fashion, rock band. Our latest single "went to Hell" is a song for anyone going through trials and tribulations. Sometimes the one's you'd never guess are actually the ones going through the darkest, most unforgiving time in their lives. This single is another expansion of the multiple dimensions that make up "Shoot the Rooster"

We are currently working on a new show set. becoming more proficiant and professional with what we give to our fans.


Alexandria Darcey avaliveradio.png

Artist: Alexandria Darcey

New Release: Doctor

Genre: Alternative Rock

Located in: : Pembroke Pines, FL, United States

An alternative rock song with influences of funk and jazz 'Doctor' was birthed in Alexandria’s Pembroke Pines home studio. The instrumental is complimented by a catchy chorus melody and lyrics about heartbreak and letting go of the past. "I was fully devoted to someone I found very special, but when feelings weren't reciprocated, it crushed me, and it led me to have a meltdown. The song is about me reflecting on how I felt during that painful time but now choosing to move forward and cutting whatever negative ties I have left to that experience."

This song represents my musical versatility as it fuses different styles together. I go from singing a catchy melody during the chorus to rapping in my own unique style during the verse. As for the instruments, they were all written and recorded by me and I want to show off my different musical abilities and how I piece everything together. My goal is to get into the mainstream and express to the world that there are still musicians out here that still challenge themselves and dare to switch up styles.

Right now, I am working on putting together a five-song self-titled EP. This single 'Doctor' is off of that EP and I believe it is a great representation of what is to from this EP..then again..I am full of surprises. I am very excited to release the EP in a couple of months to the world.

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexandria_darcey

Artist: Alex Costova
New Release: Without You

Genre: Progressive Pop
Located in: Raynham Massachusetts

Without You is the first single and studio release from Massachusetts based alternative pop artist Alex Costova. This up-tempo track takes you on a journey along the electronic beat combined with floating piano melodies, ultimately resolving with a catchy hook that will lift your spirits! Without You encapsulates all that goes on in the mind when a person is in love! The song provides inspiration to those who have the desire to move forward in love and accomplish all that you dream of! Without You is now out on all platforms!

This release is important for my music direction based on the goals & passion of the music I make! I am trying to just get the song more exposure in hopes the right people can fall in love with the music & journey I create! As an upcoming artist, I am chasing my dreams & goals at 26 & anyone can achieve what they want with the right attitude & no one can say they can't do something because anything is possible if you believe in yourself!

Hey guys! I'm currently in rehearsals for my performance of my Debut Ep Release Last month on all platforms " See You In My Dreams " ! I'm also currently looking forward to performing on coast to coast live in September In Boston & Locally In Taunton Massachusetts! Go check out my newest song now on Spotify & Apple music & soon on Pandora! Alex Costova is all you have to Google!

https://youtu.be/dlPTpZLpZfw ( Official Music Video )

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: A Moving Part

Genre: Americana

Located in: : Nebraska and Colorado

The challenge for all humanity to continue learning how to live with one another while life constantly changes. The music we are creating is timeless. Right now we are working on our 9th release to be put out in October.


Karl Sky avaliveradio .png

Artist: Karl Sky

New Release: Free

Genre: Americana-Rock

Located in: : LaCrosse, WI

Karl Sky's Music is a pleasant, melodic journey that navigates delicately through the human spirit. "Free" is more than about celebrating a feeling of being in one place at one time. It shows us that you can take what life throws at you, unwillingly have your path change and still embrace a freedom that each of us desires I was heavily influenced by groups such as The Beatles, and Singer/Songwriters Jim Croce, John Denver, Van Morrison & Crosby Stills & Nash.

I lean on a heavy blend of acoustic/electric guitar throughout. The acoustic paints the delicate side of the emotional palette and the electric allows the raw energy to escape. I believe anyone can listen to this song and find some element of it in their adult life.

"Free" is technically my first single release ever, off of a brand new album I just finished after having been inactive musically for several years. Bits and pieces of this song go way back to when I first started writing. So I feel I've come full circle and now I have a rather large catalog of music to show the world.

Right now I am actively working with an influencial publisher in Nashville, focusing on perfecting other songs in my catalog, that will be pitched to major artists.


Alan Garmonsway Last Dance Woman V2a.jpg

Artist: Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington

New Release: Last Dance Woman

Genre: Rock Ballad

Located in: : UK

I wrote Last Dance Woman after an evening at ‘House of Blues’ in Chicago. At the end of the evening, as the music slowed, couples appeared from everywhere onto the dance floor. The floor was full of people, each couple was just totally focused on each other. When I got back to the hotel, I found a piano in a quiet room and pretty much wrote the whole song in fifteen minutes – it just came out all at once – a beautiful slow ballad. I’d been going through a bit of an emotional time, so although the song was partially about me, it was also for those other couples on the dance floor that night.

At the moment..
we are busy promoting the ‘Northeast’ ep and decided to put Last Dance Woman out as the second single from the album (following on from ‘Our Heroes’ ) as it feels quite a bit different and has a nice personal feel.

Spotify Link - https://open.spotify.com/artist/1delsvuFLrz7bwAKMddZQR

Suniil Bhatia yeh-din.png

Artist: Suniil Bhatia (Artist)

New Release: Ye Din

Genre: Indi Acoustic Pop Rock

Located in: : Mumbai

This latest release is part of a new Album by the same name. Every song is in two versions. The original one and the acoustic one.

Reverbnation : https://www.reverbnation.com/sunilbhatia/song/30903918-yeh-din-acoustic-final-suniil-bhatia
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/sunil-bhatia/yeh-din-acoustic-final-suniil-bhatia
Twitter : https://twitter.com/sunilbhatia
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YoursMusically
Insagram : https://www.instagram.com/sonu.sunil.bhatia

Artist: A'dem

New Release:  We’re Traveling in the dream

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Alternative, World, New age, Pop

Located in: : New York, NY

This song is as significant as impacting to me based on how the timing and why it came to me:

1/ When I decided to move from NY to LA. To focus on my career, I brought a list of 20 songs. There, I met good friends and I've been invited to a walkout in the city. It's at this moment that the song appeared to me.

2/ I needed that motivation coming to somewhere nobody knew me and I've never been.

3/ It's a reminder that life is an opportunity made of duties and dreams but it's the dreams that keep us alive. Just by saying tomorrow will be better, we can walk a thousand miles without a river of water.

I could have since launched numerous songs but I wanted the world to note the existence of this song and apprehend the sight of my style as well as the type of messaging that could impact others' lives like mine.

The main focus right now is to finish the recording of the full album at the image of my previous releases when working with a stable team on a world-class promotion.