New Single Home Less from 7 Less Sings about Divorce from a Childs Eyes

Artist: 7 Less

New Release: Home Less

Genre: pop / rock

Located in: : Los Angeles, CA

We help other people and ourselves understand the emotions we are feeling through vulnerability in melodic storytelling. Home Less is about divorce in progress in the eyes of the child. Dad is cheating on his wife, mom is stuck at work all the time. This causes loneliness to consume the kid in their own house. They have a house but no home. They're Home Less.

This song shows …

how substantial we are as individuals. We thrive in deep conversations and meaningful interactions. We are the type of men who are comfortable shedding tears despite society's mindset of how men shouldn't cry. Emotions can be difficult to express, that's why we suppress it. We alienate ourselves from people who are willing to help. That is why some people are lonely. 

Our songs help other people understand that they are not alone. The relatable stories of our songs make people feel more connected thus, giving them hope that they can move forward in life.

Right now we are...
We are releasing a stripped music video performance of the single and we are on the works of a new single.