7.15 New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax

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Explore some exciting new music from creators all over the world recently discovered by our host Jacqueline Jax as she searches the far corners of the globe for talented songwriters and music creators who are telling their truth to bring the listener a unique experience. This show offers everything for fans of New Music from Rock to Acoustic Songwriter styles that speak volumes through great song writing. You’ll love the lyrics and unique music we have just discovered for this segment. 

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den of ashes 7.png

Artist: Den of Ashes

New Release: California

Genre: American Western Rock

Located in: Hermosa Beach, CA
Life is a journey. Mine was to California where I came to live out all of my dreams. When I came to Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to meet many stars from the Golden Era of Hollywood. I was the youth they once were. Their stories were fascinating!  I found the romance of the West in past and present, indulging in the culture of the West Coast, there to be discovered. These are my stories and experiences, gathered in the Den of Ashes.


The Shrieks Frustration in the Nation avaliveradio.png

Artist: The Shrieks

New Release: Frustration in the Nation

Genre: Rock/ New Wave/ Punk/ Psychedelic

Located in: NYC, NY

This is a protest song. It’s perfect for these times of supreme frustration with the way the world is. It’s very relevant, intense, meaningful, original and not that commercial. As musicians, we want real fans, people that understand our messages of peace and harmony.

At the moment, we are finishing our third album. The apex of a journey thru music that culminates in a nirvana like catharsis.


Radio Drive sweet thing avaliveradio .png

Artist: Radio Drive

New Release: Sweet Thing

Genre: Alternative Pop Rock

Located in: St Paul, MN

“Sweet Thing” is a pop love song. You can hear my earlier musical influences in this song, especially the British music influences from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Cold Play.

Spotify Link to Sweet Thing: https://open.spotify.com/track/6cw08mGTC5d5nJa8Z19TLW

I had just come through a year or two of personal hardships that ended my music career. It started back in 2015. There was a European tour that our manager was working on that never took place. This album, along with this song, was part of my journey back. I honestly didn’t know if I had any music left in me to write so as you can imagine it meant a lot to me knowing I could still record and release music.

I recorded the song at my home studio and played all the instruments and vocals. The sound files were then sent to the Producer, Robert Smith, in New York City to do the final mix and mastering. Robert has worked with Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Aerosmith and many of my favorite artists so I felt the music was in good hands. It wasn't until we started planning the theme of the video for "Sweet Thing", that I realized the theme of the song and what was important about the direction of this song. I wanted to capture a relationship built on love, honor, and respect. I wanted to present something that would elevate the beauty of a relationship in its simplicity.

Right now I am finishing up a music video for my song "Sweet Thing". After that, I will be releasing a new album later this summer that I am excited about. Plus, I'm planning to get the band back together and get back to some live gigs. There's quite a lot in the works and planning right now. It's great to be back.


Paul j clark afterglow avaliveradio.png

Artist: Paul J. Clark

New Release: Afterglow

Genre: Alternative rock

Located in: Nashville, TN, USA

The latest single from songwriter Paul J Clark, this song is about the longing to return home while searching for the fulfillment found in the responsibilities of life. Inspired by the Voyager space probe, the golden record it carries containing a time capsule of information about all of us, and a picture it took of Earth from over 4 billion miles away.

Written in the first person from the perspective of Voyager (a satellite of sorts), it’s an abstract metaphor grounded in very real human experience. This song is heavily influenced by the sounds from the ’90s. There are two conflicting emotions battling for resolution throughout the song. This is reflected in the song instrumentation and structure. It combines driving rock guitars with symphonic instrumentation to effortlessly weave together genres into something both nostalgic and new. Musically, it brings to mind guitar-driven songs from the likes of Collective Soul, Linkin Park, Train, Weezer, and Tom Petty.

Twitter: @PaulClarkMusic

Clout Chaser the mr all the way.png

Artist: Mr. All The Way

New Release: Clout Chaser

Genre: HipHop

Located in:  Chicago IL

My music brand is focused on non-explicit material and hard hitting at the same time. I want to point out that you can create powerful hard-hitting lyrics without profanity.

The song is basically about people who are willing to do anything for fame. Even discredit or try to shame another person for there own self-gain. This song is definitely impactful in this day and time as these last few years, there’s been a lot of clout chasing going on. It's at an extreme high. I mean it’s always been happening, but lately, it’s been ridiculous, even to the point where people are getting hurt.

This release is important to my music direction because it defines the state of, not only the hiphop culture at the moment but the way the world seems to be with everyone doing anything and everything for fame.

I also am very thankful for my producers on the “It’s Not Complicated” project, deereese Beats, E.L.F on the beat, MSTACKS, MonstaUk, and Purp. I have come a long way, and have had a lot of trials and tribulations and this single “Clout Chaser “off my album is just the opener to great things to come. I’m bringing back that raw, gritty, and truth back to the game.

LINKS: Check Out Mr. All The Way on ReverbNation!

Shorty ONE Supreme avaliveradio.png

Artist: Shorty ONE Supreme

New Release: Hard For Me Feat Vidal Garcia

Genre: Hip Hop. Pop

Located in: : Waldorf MD

My music is a reflexion of myself and the life I once and still live in.

This song is a smooth party track with a good Caribbean feeling. I feel this is the most commercial track I have ever done. I'm excited to see where this track is gonna take me. At the moment I’m recording singles for the flexibility and inspiration that they bring.

Born in Richmond VA to a father who joined the Air Force when he found out my mother was pregnant, Shorty ONE Supreme ended up moving from base to base every few years. Moving from California, Japan twice, Florida to Maryland, hanging on to friends was tough. All I could gravitate to was music as it was the only constant in my life. In high school, I played the trumpet. That formal music education talk me to read music and also write it. I realized I could write stories in high school during a state examination. I just put my new found love of writing and my ability to understand music together and now here I am.


Artist: Rusty Reid

New Release: I Went Searching

Genre: singer-songwriter

Located in:  Seattle, WA

I'm a guitar-oriented singer-songwriter cavorting in a somewhat strange mix of folk-rock, country-rock, new wave pop with a dash of modern sense and sensibilities thrown in for good or bad measure, depending upon your orientation. I don't comfortably fit into any particular genre, which is both a plague and a blessing, I suppose. I do try to write songs that contain a memorable, hooky, non-clonish melody, and lyrics that mean something.

My new album "Head to Heart" was just released a few weeks ago, so "I Went Searching" is one of the very first songs being promoted off the album.

I'm very excited about the release of my new "Head to Heart." I call it a "Revolutionary Manifesto in Song!" I am taking on all of the big questions and the lingering malignancies of culture-at-large. I also have a handful of videos available in support of the album. More to come soon.

Website: https://RustyReid.com
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRa5UNE-YEx-XzxXYN7xCQ
Facebook: https://facebook.com/RustyReidSongwriter
Twitter: @RustyJunzi
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3rpURp78SjS5q5Szy9PGsh

Karla Carlita with a smile on her face.png

Artist: Karla Carlita

New Release: With A Smile On Her Face

Genre: Indie Pop. SingerSongwriter

Located in: : The Netherlands, City Dalfsen

Hello Everyone, who's listening to A.V.A Live Radio. I hope your all doing well!! My name is Karla Carlita and I'm a Singer-songwriter.

I've been writing songs for more than 10 years now. I write songs about Life about my experiences. This song With A Smile On Her Face is a personal one. I wrote this song back in 2014 when I got caught by a serious disease without feeling ill. It just happened to me, one day I was happy and the next day my world fell apart. The state of unbelieve I was in! Not to forget the struggling my family and the loved ones around me went through.

Releasing this song is a way for me to deal with this anxious period. A way to process this trauma. This song will touch you and grab you because of the beautiful music read strings and voices and probably is going to bring some emotional feelings to you, the listener. But above all, I hope you like my work and if it touches you then my job is completed. Love you all!! KC.

My second single is on his way to release. I hope to bring it out this year, and its a whole different one. So I'm very excited!! This release of my first single is important because it is a way to deal with this anxious period I was in and a way to process this trauma.

This is my first single release, I've been written a lot of songs during these 10 years, I'm going to release my 2nd single soon, want to make an EP!! Already made a beautiful music video together with this first single you can watch now on youtube, hope you do!! and of course, when people are interested I will go on tour, no problem, but my main goal is making music and hope that it will contribute to their lives.


Cabela and Schmitt avaliveradio Sentimental Love Is On The Line.png

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: Sentimental Love Is On The Line

Genre: Americana

Located in: : Nebraska and Colorado

A young man who's life has recently been enlightened finds a fiery, outgoing girlfriend who he marries and tries to settle down. They have child, a little girl, and he comes to realize she is much like her mother, but he would like to grow old with them even though their prospects are so different from each other.

Right now we are working on our 9th release to be put out in October.


Zeelley Moon avaliveradio.png

Artist: Zeelley Moon

New Release: Smile

Genre: Alternative rock

Located in:  UK

Described as our most ‘Pink Floyd’ style song, it's quite philosophical and about unresolved feelings about a lost loved one but also people not showing or sharing their vulnerabilities. A gentle reflective intro on piano and a very indulgent but appropriate outro with beautiful guitar and Hammond organ which help to drive home the emotion of this song.

Zeelley Moon creates music inspired from many different influences and does not tie itself down to any genre, although many Prog fans have picked up on it. 'Smile' is our second most downloaded song. Perhaps it leans towards the more conventional side of Zeelley Moon's style while remaining a strong and individual style.

Currently, we are concentrating on writing and recording new material. This will be for the next album.