7.29 New Music Monday Release Radar with Jacqueline Jax

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Explore some exciting new music from creators all over the world recently discovered by our host Jacqueline Jax as she searches the far corners of the globe for talented songwriters and music creators who are telling their truth to bring the listener a unique experience. This show offers everything for fans of New Music from Rock to Acoustic Songwriter and Hip Hop styles that speak volumes through great song writing. You’ll love the lyrics and unique music we have just discovered for this segment.  


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Artist: Emme Lentino

New Release: Drive all Night

Genre: Pop/ Alternative

Located in: New Zealand

A super fun summer song that makes you wanna drive in your car, crank up the radio and sing your heart out! This is a brand new release and it’s just in time for Summer on the Northern Hemisphere.

I’m currently a featured artist and Co-Host of Heart of Indie Radio. I have a brand new EP coming out on July 29th and am putting together a multi-city tour and working on an exciting new release... Project X. Woohoo!


Resa Anna avaliveradio new release.png

Artist: Resa Anna

New Release: My New Life

Genre: Poprock, Countrypop, Countryrock, Singer-Songwriter

Located in: London, UK

3 years ago I had a life-threatening experience while pregnant with my daughter that changed my life. I would have lost my mind without singing to her while she was still in the hospital. Step by Step I pushed myself to get back into writing my own songs and recording covers. I gained confidence and soon send a demo to Ollie Robinson from Armistice Records/Abbey Road Studio to see if we can collaborate on the song "My New Life".This song is all about leaving behind a sad time in my life and starting a new chapter workwise and music-wise. Listening to my heart and never let anyone take away my passion for music anymore. Writing this song made me realize what I overcame and achieved in the last years. This song is for everyone that has a hard time to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It's about not letting people's opinions stop anyone following their dreams & passion as life is way to short for holding back.

The music…
For 20 years (since I was 12) I wanted to release my own songs with my own terms. Back then there was no other possibility than through a producer or label or competition to get to this point. It shows that with dedication and hard work ppl can achieve life dreams, one set goal after another. Since my daughter's birth, I always wanted to leave something for her behind that she can be proud of. Becoming a mum made me realize that in the past I always found excuses as to why I am not doing music on a professional level but my fiancee pushed me as he knows that a life without music makes me unhappy and I am thankful that he believed in me when I didn't.

Right now we are…
I am planning to do a music video as I have to send this to the OpenMic UK Audition to get feedback before my official audition in September. I am already working on other songs as I want to release 3 more songs until May 2020.


Walk My Way blackdove.png

Artist: BlackDove

New Release: Walk My Way

Genre: Afrobeat; reggae

Located in: Atlanta

Aimed at getting the listeners up out of their seats, BackDove offers up a catchy tune catering to all the beautiful women of the world. This song is very important due to the fact that I'm looking to expand my brand internationally.

This song is about a man who walks into a club and sees a woman whom he's highly attracted to. He wants her to walk his way so he can get to know her more so they communicate through eye contact.

Coming up: Right now I'm in the studio recording my new upcoming project.

LINKS: https://open.spotify.com/track/4uPAbiZbqw7r6VLhxSqchr?si=ATqB1_xpQP60TKRm29TcDQ

Website & social media links:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/blackdovebrand
Instagram: @blackdovebrand

Artist: Titus Styles

New Release: Look Like CarTi B (feat. Mega & Hatch)

Genre: Hip Hop

Located in: Detroit, MI

Titus Styles created his single "Look Like CarTi B" to be a fun, witty, sexy and funky way to pay homage to (in his opinion) the queen of hip-hop Cardi B. The song is the lead single on Titus Styles last EP release "Superfan Vol 1: For the Love At-Money". Which is a hip hop / comedy album inspired by the Beautiful & Corky Cardi B.

In addition to shooting a video for "Look Like CarTi B" is available on YouTube and Facebook. Titus Styles music can be found on all major streaming platforms. Also be on the lookout for his next single "Like a Drug" (feat. J-Mello).


Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington One way conversation.png

Artist: Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington

New Release: One Way Conversations

Genre: Rock/Indie

Located in: : UK

One Way Conversations - This song started life as a lounge piano song written By Alan Garmonsway. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek and follows an argument between a couple about one's laziness and the other's get-up-and-goo! Enter Franky Gibbon and it immediately morphed into a more laid back reggae-feel number. After a bit more studio work and Al Harrington joining in, it changed again, and I am at a bit of a loss to describe its genre, but to me, it has the feel of a New Orleans street band! The words remain tongue-in-cheek, but have a certain resonance if you've ever had this sort of discussion with your partner!

We continue to promote our NorthEast ep and are looking forward to doing some more studio work together - the songs are written and it now all needs organizing. Ali Davis is on standby to create some more of her great paintings for each song, but in the meantime, she has created one for a new Garmonsway September release called 'Severn's Hidden Mysteries', which is more of a folk collaboration with Anne Cunningham. So, ultimately there will be Garmonsway for my solo recordings, Garmonsway, and Cunningham for my folk/acoustic songs and Garmonsway, Gibbon and Harrington for my rock/acoustic songs.

I'm developing songs and ideas for each of the recording opportunities and the ideas are coming thick and fast, We'll not be short of material, and that in itself is a challenge as we have to make early decisions which songs will work best for future releases.

Spotify link - https://open.spotify.com/artist/1delsvuFLrz7bwAKMddZQR

Game Is On cabela and schmitt.png

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: Game Is On

Genre: Soulful Rock

Located in: Nebraska and Colorado

The familiar story of relationships where indecision and uncertainty grasp at the heart of one who desperately seeks a commitment, but keeps hanging on hoping that one day it will come.

'Game Is On' is another cog in the wheel of our catalog that we would like to share with audiences around the world. Beginning to put the finishing touches on our next album before we release our newest single.


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