New Release from A Day Amongst Martyrs 'With Me'

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Artist: A Day Amongst Martyrs
New Release: With me
Genre: Alternative

A day amongst martyrs is an original band based out of Long island New York. Established by guitarist and frontman Adam Ortiz in 2005 and since been delivering powerful and emotionally driven songs. Orchestrated and fuled by life and its trials and tribulations A day amongst martyrs  on focuses on telling your story. " We are all martyrs to our own convictions". Wether a martyr of  heartache, pain or passion listeners will feel connected and acknowledged.

We sincerely want to thank all the amazing people around. You are the reason why we do what we do by inspiring us with your life. Thank you for being the light of all lights. Please enjoy your music and thank you for spending A Day Amongst Martyrs!!!!!"


Why did you get started? 
I grew up in a musical family playing talent shows since 16. With a musician Father who prioritized music, he was encouraged to develop his guitar skills and find his own musical road. Since 2005 when he began his first band, he has seen many changes in music. His focus is to bring back the importance of the full Album and how it can impact the listener and become the single most important story told throughout that entire time period. The artist is going to be making a new music video for his new release "With Me". His next Album "Forever and 3 days" will be coming soon which will be his most personal album to date.