Behind The Music with A Day Amongst Martyrs on Shadows

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Band Name: A Day amongst martyrs

Person Interviewing: Adam Ortiz

Song name: Shadows

Music Genre: Alternative
I live in... Suffolk county New York

Link to play:
Looking deep inside yourself and looking past inner anger or frustration and use it as power to accomplish your dream.

My music is..
meant to show the world that there are others who understand what they are going through and want to tell their story. That’s what musicians do. We tell stories and truths. Words for those who need a friend and melodies that inspire us to greater things. This represents that life is beautiful and is also painful but the pain actually makes life worth it. Can’t have one without the other.

Open your mind and let your heart do the talking.
You gotta face that the loud guitar music of today is very superficial. I miss the times when music can actually make you feel and dream. I wanna bring that sense of wonder back.

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New Episode: 662 Behind The Music with A Day Amongst Martyrs on Shadows

Setting goals for 2019 to bring that sense of wonder back to music. Having a passion for the music your creating and how to connect with your audience. They spoke about the new rock music vs classic rock in todays music market. With a new band member in the mix, A Day Amongst Martyrs on Shadows. The benefits of facebook, vs youtube and instagram.




I think that's where my new found music has stemmed from.. all the failures I've endured along the way with the people I've met and worked with


Keep it going


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