Behind the Music with AceQuared on Summer Gown


"Do what you love, do it for the love of music."

Band Name: AceQuared
Song name: Summer Gown
I live in: Toronto, Canada

This song is about my encounter with a beautiful girl I encountered this summer. Dressed in a pretty summer gown and looking like a star, I had to get to know her. This is one of the songs that I did for fun, my music leans more towards hip hop and rap, but I will always have these songs in the mix. 

My music is versatile and has many faces. I try to have something for any and everyone to enjoy. Mostly based on HipHop and rap, but as you can see from this release I try to dabble with all genres. 

Live interview :

Musician AceQuared speaks with Jacqueline Jax about music production and music trends for pop and hiphop. What an artist needs to consider when building a career in music.