Behind The Music with African Elvis on ' Song Cry'

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Band Name: African Elvis
Person Interviewing: Tamunosiki Ogbo
Song name: Song Cry
Genre:: hip hop rnb- Jonesboro Georgia

Link to play::

This song is about...
my desire to write good music that will change peoples lives through impactful music. 
My desire is to write songs so good that you can not believe your ears. That moment when you here a song that makes you cry. 

My music is... motivational and inspirational
The lyrics are prophetic because I speak of existence, future and positivity. I am a gospel artist who tries to encourage positivity and the acknowledgement of the holy spirit of God with us. isaiah 7v14.... We write music motivation ministries..

As I am not a rapper or just a Gospel artist, my focus right now is in developing my skills across multiple genres with good lyrics.  

Best Advise..
when my fellow inmates in prison kept telling me to come out with an album. It gave me hope and the ability to feel focused on something real that I could work towards. It gave me purpose. 

The music business is corrupted and they are doing unquestionable things that pulls the importance away from talent and only pushes artists forward who have clout....


Gospel Hiphop artist, African Elvis comes on Behind The Music to speak with Jacqueline Jax from Jonesboro Georgia about getting started in music and learning the tools to make him a better creator. Making music a career means you must stay consistent and keep pushing your grind.

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