New Single from Alan Garmonsway ' To the Vendee'

Alan Garmonsway avaliveradio.png

Artist: Alan Garmonsway
New Release: To the Vendee

Genre: Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter

'To the Vendee' was written whist driving around West France feeling particularly chilled out!. It's one of the tracks on my new ep 'the bridge' which reflects some songs written at times when my life was changing direction. My songs often start off either on piano or guitar, then I add other tracks in the studio - bass, percussion other guitars & keyboards etc. I particularly like to write songs about situations and places, and use the instruments that I think will best convey the message of the song.


I love to create music - to start from an idea and take it all the way to an end product, with all of the creative, musical, organisational and marketing challenges. You learn every step of the way!



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