New Single from Alex Costova 'Without You'

Alex Costova avaliveradio .png

Artist: Alex Costova

New Release: Without You

Genre: Progressive Pop

Located in: Raynham Massachusetts

Without You is the first single and studio release from Massachusetts based alternative pop artist Alex Costova. This up-tempo track takes you on a journey along the electronic beat combined with floating piano melodies, ultimately resolving with a catchy hook that will lift your spirits! Without You encapsulates all that goes on in the mind when a person is in love! The song provides inspiration to those who have the desire to move forward in love and accomplish all that you dream of! Without You is now out on all platforms!

This release is important for my music direction based on the goals & passion of the music I make! I am trying to just get the song more exposure in hopes the right people can fall in love with the music & journey I create! As an upcoming artist, I am chasing my dreams & goals at 26 & anyone can achieve what they want with the right attitude & no one can say they can't do something because anything is possible if you believe in yourself!

Hey guys! I'm currently in rehearsals for my performance of my Debut Ep Release Last month on all platforms " See You In My Dreams " ! I'm also currently looking forward to performing on coast to coast live in September In Boston & Locally In Taunton Massachusetts! Go check out my newest song now on Spotify & Apple music & soon on Pandora! Alex Costova is all you have to Google!

LINKS: ( Official Music Video )