New Release from HipHop Artist Alex Larsson 'Enjoy The Journey'


Band Name: Alex Larsson

Name of song: Enjoy The Journey

Genre : Old/New school Hip-hop and Rap

When I was going through a little rough patch concerning where I was going with my career, I spoke to a friend who advised me to watch a video from a philosopher named Alan Watts.

In the video Watts speaks about how we as humans take the now for granted and are far too focussed on things that have happened in the past and what is going to happen in the future.

He creates an analogy with music; "when a composer writes a song, they don't start at the end" otherwise there would be records and live performances that consists of one final crashing chord!

You start at the beginning and work your way through slowly, similar to life! I called my friend after watching and he asked what I had taken from it?

I said that I need to "Enjoy The Journey" and live in the now a bit more! He then challenged me to write a song called "Enjoy The Journey".

I started immediately after the call and by 11pm had finished the lyrics, melodies and made the beat! I then finished producing the track at Metropolis Studios in London a few months later.

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