New Single Doctor by Alexandria Darcey

Alexandria Darcey avaliveradio.png

Artist: Alexandria Darcey

New Release: Doctor

Genre: Alternative Rock

Located in: Pembroke Pines, Florida. United States

An alternative rock song with influences of funk and jazz 'Doctor' was birthed in Alexandria’s Pembroke Pines home studio. The instrumental is complimented by a catchy chorus melody and lyrics about heartbreak and letting go of the past. "I was fully devoted to someone I found very special, but when feelings weren't reciprocated, it crushed me, and it led me to have a meltdown. The song is about me reflecting on how I felt during that painful time but now choosing to move forward and cutting whatever negative ties I have left to that experience."

This song represents my musical versatility as it fuses different styles together. I go from singing a catchy melody during the chorus to rapping in my own unique style during the verse. As for the instruments, they were all written and recorded by me and I want to show off my different musical abilities and how I piece everything together. My goal is to get into the mainstream and express to the world that there are still musicians out here that still challenge themselves and dare to switch up styles.

Right now, I am working on putting together a five-song self-titled EP. This single 'Doctor' is off of that EP and I believe it is a great representation of what is to from this EP..then again..I am full of surprises. I am very excited to release the EP in a couple of months to the world.