New Single Back Down from Alicia Michilli

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Artist: Alicia Michilli
New Release: Back Down
Genre: Soul/Pop

Located in: Nashville, TN

This song is...
 I am a Soul/R&B artist from Detroit, my music is heavily influenced by Motown and Soul. My song, "Back Down" was tracked live, except for horn and vocal overdubs, which gives it a very authentic, raw vibe. This compliments the lyrics perfectly since they are very honest and uplifting. It’s a reminder to myself (and others) that even when life gets crazy and hard, we just need to lean on each other and keep moving forward. It’s about being resilient and remembering where you come from. The only thing that can stop you from getting where you want to be is yourself.

The music we are creating is...
This release, "Letters From the Edge", is important to the direction of my music because it is the stepping stone to the next phase of my career. This is the first project that I feel really captures who I am as a person and as an artist. I believe it will open the door to a lot more opportunities to share my music with beautiful humans around the world. I believe a lot of people can connect and relate to the stories being told in these songs.

Right now we are..
I am most excited about my, “Letters From the Edge” EP release show. It will be on March 5th, at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, TN. I am also really excited to be hitting the road from April-June in support of the EP release. I will be traveling through the mid west, Europe, and the West coast. I’ve also got a music video in the works as well which should be a great time!

LINKS: @aliciamichilli @aliciamichilli


Jacqueline Jax:
A wonderful song. Love your sound and reflection of truth. You've done really well on the new release.

iampuablo15 🖋️️️️️️💯💯


I agree! We all hold the key to our own success. The best things in life will come to those that work for it💪💯


Well said and nice cover


The sound is clear and soulful I’m enjoying this artists brilliance.

Your gram has chill pics


Very true. Sometimes we are our worse enemies 👌🏽




Agreed! If we get to overwhelmed, we won't go places. We need to have a focus






What a beautiful voice so full of soul and life. I've listened to all of the tracks and each one can stand alone. They are all vivid and amazing.


I appreciate y’all so much! Thank you for supporting the music 💪❤️