Behind The Music with Amanda Marie on The One and Only

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Band Name: Amanda Marie Music

Song name: The One and Only

Music Genre: Pop/Rock

This song was composed by a dear friend of mine and award winning musician, Imran Ahmed. The formerly known band by the name of Project X composed the song and never produced the single because their lead singer suddenly passed away. Imran reached out to me and gave me the song and asked me to sing and produce the record.

This song is about love and how it can and does consume you and take you places that you never could have imagined. I dedicated this song to my daughter, savannah. She is three and she is the love of my life and the light of my world. My life did not start until she was born!

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My music is…
a representation of who I am and how I feel about life at the moment. I feel like an artists music and especially mine is like a diary. You can always look into my music and see how I have felt at any given period of time.


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How do you think this release represents your current direction..
I am starting to make some Pop/Rock singles as well as Country/Rock singles for my first EP. The EP title is ” A lot can change in a year-I wouldn’t be me without the absence of you.”

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Where do you create your music?
This single, “The One and Only”, was composed by a dear friend of mine and awards winning musician, Imran Ahmed. He composed the song with a group known as Project X. I recorded with a local studio in Altamonte Springs, FL and worked closely with a local producer in Casselberry, FL on this single. I continue to collaborate with Imran Ahmed and we look forward to making music together in the future as well.


How do you stay focused and balance creating with life..
I take my life one day at a time. I try and live in the now and treat everyday as if it were my last. I was killed in a horrific car crash April 2016 and came back to life with a love and purpose to help others. Music helped me to heal and I would love to help others heal through my music as well.


What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
There is one piece of advice that I was given by an A&R representative with a major label last year that I will forever keep in my mind. He said, ” We see millions of artists that basically look and sound the same over and over again. If you are always trying to be like someone else than you will always be second best”.

I feel that this statement is spot on and I will always stay true to myself and who I am as an artist. This is the reason that I find it so difficult to make covers of other artists work. I do not want to sing other artists music on a regular basis. I want to make and perform my own art and my interpretation of life and love.


I live in..
the Orlando, Florida area. The music scene here is very diverse and the local artists are very welcoming and uplifting of one another. There are a lot of open mic night opportunities and there is a lot of support.


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Instagram: amandamarielovelife
facebook: AmandaMariemusicjourney
reverbnation: amandamarie6