Jax Daily: Anchor is joining Spotify Making it the Podcasting Superpower of the future



Jax Daily Anchor is joining Spotify Making it the Podcasting Superpower of the future " by A.V.A Live Radio Music  ⚓


Exciting news to share:

Anchor has officially joined Spotify in an acquisition announced today.

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“In just shy of two years, we have become the second-biggest podcasting platform. And, more importantly, users love having podcasts as a part of their Spotify experience. Our podcast users spend almost twice the time on the platform, and spend even more time listening to music. We have also seen that by having unique programming, people who previously thought Spotify was not right for them will give it a try. 

Based on radio industry data, we believe it is a safe assumption that, over time, more than 20% of all Spotify listening will be non-music content. This means the potential to grow much faster with more original programming — and to differentiate Spotify by playing to what makes us unique — all with the goal of becoming the world’s number one audio platform.” https://newsroom.spotify.com/2019-02-06/audio-first/

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What does this mean for You?

If you are a musician, we want to encourage you to look at the benefits of how being on AVA Live Radio helps you to establish your relationship with Spotify and their Algorithm as well as with all of our loyal listeners collected over 10 years in broadcasting. 

1. If you are scheduled for a Behind The Music episode this next few months, you will be one of the few indie artists featured on our established broadcast which will be available to all the listeners right as this trend is in it’s prime and while new people flood the Spotify podcast section looking to discover new shows.

2. If you have an Indie Artists profile on Spotify and your music is streaming there, you will show up in a more favorable advantage to the algorithm once we post a broadcast featuring your name and most popular or newest single on spotify podcasts. The Spotify algorithm sees this favorable in several ways.

  • An already established Spotify podcast is featuring you on a one to one episode.

  • They can track all the engagement and shares happening each day from our listeners to social media pages where the broadcast is being shared right from Spotify such as Messenger, Twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram and tumblr.

  • We have excellent google search rankings on our website(s) which Spotify also uses to qualify an artist. They can see how many people are hitting our featured pages written about you. Plus your spotify link will be embedded in all of those pages. This is why we have included several featured pages on different affiliated websites in all of our Behind The Music Packages moving forward so that you can make an impact in the google search rankings within a particular time frame.

How do you get on one of these shows?

***Book your show through our main office. https://www.avaliveradio.info/airplay

We are only able to produce a limited number of spots in our Behind The Music Series each month so we will be pre-qualifying all the applicants who submit using this form: https://www.avaliveradio.info/airplay


What Spotify needs in order to become a great podcast app https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/6/18213743/spotify-gimlet-media-anchor-podcast-app?


Through a strategic acquisition announced today, we’ll be bringing Anchor’s suite of tools for podcast creation, distribution, and monetization, to Spotify’s community of more than 200 million global users. Most importantly, podcasters everywhere will now have the power of the world’s most forward-thinking audio company building tools designed specifically for them. Podcasting, as we know and love it, will forever be changed for the better.

We are building a platform that provides a meaningful opportunity for creators, excites and engages our users, and builds an even more robust business model for Spotify in an industry we believe will become significantly larger when you add Internet-level monetization to it. 

That’s why we announced today the strategic acquisitions of two podcasting companies, Gimlet and Anchor. These companies serve two different, distinct roles in the industry. Gimlet is one of the best content creators in the world, with unique, celebrated podcast shows like Homecoming, which was recently adapted into a critically acclaimed show on Amazon Prime, and the internet culture hit Reply All. And Anchor has completely reimagined the path to audio creation, enabling creation for the next generation of podcasters worldwide — 15 billion hours of content on the platform during Q4. These companies are best-in-class and together we will offer differentiated and original content. Gimlet and Anchor will position us to become the leading platform for podcast creators around the world and the leading producer of podcasts. 

Just as we’ve done with music, our work in podcasting will focus intensively on the curation and customization that users have come to expect from Spotify. We will offer better discovery, data, and monetization to creators. These acquisitions will meaningfully accelerate our path to becoming the world’s leading audio platform, give users around the world access to the best podcast content, and improve the quality of our listening experience while enhancing the Spotify brand.

To be clear, this doesn’t make music any less important at Spotify. Our core business is performing very well. But as we expand deeper into audio, especially with original content, we will scale our entire business, creating leverage in the model through subscriptions and ads. This is why we feel it is prudent to invest now to capture the opportunity ahead. We want Spotify to continue to be at the center of the global audio economy.

(full report: https://newsroom.spotify.com/2019-02-06/audio-first/)

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We wanted to take this time to announce a Brand New Show segment broadcasting daily on AVA Live Radio. The Rock and Roll Edition of Jax Daily airs every night at 9 pm et featuring the best in rock and roll history highlights of decades gone by. Celebrate each day with some rock and roll trivia and important highlights in our music history with host Jacqueline Jax.