Daniel Sorola and Alex Arena Open up about Loving Someone on New Single 'Deep'

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Band Name: Daniel Sorola and Alex Arena
Song name: Deep

Person Interviewing: Alex Arena

Music Genre:: Electronic/EDM

I live in...
Daniel Sorola lives in Stockholm, Sweden and Alex Arena lives in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Link to play:: https://open.spotify.com/track/2RZA1WfYZH9CvuCiQFskCD?si=WBQw05oIQsCGHFPByJZ0eg

The song ‘Deep’ is one that we think most can relate to about loving someone you cannot keep, a one-sided love story. This person looks past all the lies because they hope that one day that person will love them back just as much. It is an awareness for those to love themselves first and fall for an equal sided love.

Our music is…
one of many different styles of a chill version of EDM. We aim to produce diverse themes and styles that each portray meanings that would entertain, uplift, inspire and relate to others.

How do you think this release represents your current direction…
Deep is the biggest hit song we have so far. We aim to not only create sounds that are catchy and fun, but also to get everyone to sing along to and to bring awareness out each and every song. We aim to inspire others to realize their dreams and to spread the love with one another through all our songs.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking…
For Daniel, it was "be yourself". Instead of trying to do music or tell stories because it's "in", he learnt the importance of telling your own story and do music that you like, we're all humans dealing with life and you walk your own unique path, people will vibe with it, but don’t tell a story or make music due to trends, stay True!

For Alex, it was "Don't just write to rhyme, just let the music speak to you on a higher, spiritual level". She think this was essential to how she writes and listens to music, because she writes based on experiences and how she feels, what is important to her and what she wants to share with others to know that they are not alone. By listening to what she gathers is the meaning behind the music, she ends up creating music based on how she feels and how others can understand and relate to it.

Daniel loves to create music because…
music speaks all languages and can effect a person like nothing else, plus he gets to make his own soundtrack for life, how cool is that!? 😁

Alex loves to collaborate with many different artists because she loves the diverse, unique sound they each give and the meaning she could portray in the songs. She loves how one song can have such a powerful impact on others and aims to bring awareness through music to uplift others.


Alex Arena joins Jacqueline Jax on the show to speak about songwriting and creating in the 2018 digital space. How she worked with her songwriting partner from Toronto to Sweden. We discussed the process of unfolding your story through social media and how artists are connecting with their audiences. Alex focuses on making music that supports mental health and well being ‘Each piece of music has the potential to effect lives and make a difference offering a sense of support to strengthen their fight”.

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fulanilives 🔥

homerikofficial Nice! That was great and look forward to hearing more!

carmentoth111 Erie and sexy sounding🤘🏻💜

darinjellisonmusic I like how you can get everyone to open up. ❤️

carmentoth111 “If you are gracious, you have won the game.” Stevie Nicks 🤘🏻💜

thecocoscott Great message. There’s a theme rising about authenticity among artists and how important it is to stay true to your story. Keep it up!

nycnewmusic Love the message here...it is so important to stay true to yourself and not try to do what you think will please others or "fits in"...👏👏

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mississippiriot I’ve never used music to write stories. Its purely for the pleasure of playing and writing for me

_ayre_ Great!👏


Thank you guys! 😊




I just went thru this. It wasn’t about lies though. It was me trying to adjust to his ways. I fell in love with a guy complete opposite from me and I really tried for 8 months. But failed. My love wasn’t enough. 😕. Anyways... I can relate to your song, just in a different way. @pixymusemusic

kaysoulmusic Very nice 🔥👍🏾

brassyluca Nice

carmentoth111 I’ve been in a relationship like that before 🤘🏻💜

hanna_vox Oh Stockholm, the capital of my country!! Awesome

karisakay76 We have all been there, yes you must love yourself first!!😍 Her voice is beautiful!! 😍 love it!!

baangeraang Kings & queens we are all 🖤

homerikofficial That sounds really good! Great job!🤘

tiona_music_journey_ Aw bittersweet

@hanna_vox and he collaborated with Alexa you should also reach out to them

@pixymusemusic it was actually that too. I felt like it was getting to the point where I was even losing myself just for one person, because I wanted him to see how much I was there for him and that he could trust me, but he was never ready because he wasn't even ready in himself. And i realized down the road too that you should never, ever change for someone or lose yourself for anything or anyone, because you are all you have in this world. But you are not a failure. Because you were able to see through this, and the truth is he just wasn't ready for you or your love.

@pixymusemusic someday, there will be someone who will give all your love back, and so much stronger. You won't have any questions or feel like you have to try hard to please that person. You will just feel comfortable.

@carmentoth111 yess, it's good to know there are ones that will love you the way you deserve to be loved 😊

@tiona_music_journey_ yes indeed hahah

@karisakay76 definitely! Always place value in yourself and never lose sight of who you are. And thank you by the way! 😊

thespacewizards It has that new vibe🔥

thecocoscott Cool song and story. I like to think we should always be striving to ‘date up’ rather than date who we think we deserve...

@thespacewizards very fresh. This team is making more music together.

@thecocoscott true. That’s a great point.

@homerikofficial they have another new track coming out soon

avaliveradio We feel that this track is important in this artists progression as she is clearly experimenting with her sound as she collaborated with unique talent from all over the world. It will be interesting to watch her next move and see how the music progress.

@baangeraang yes I agree

itsvanessaheart I like it😊


@avaliveradio oh yea? Awesome, looking forward to hearing it!