New Hip Hop Single from aRafeal called 'New Chick'

arafeal avaliveradio.png

Artist: aRafeal

New Release: New Chick

Genre: Hiphop,R&B

Arafeal from new orleans has learned to embrace his smooth vocal style with todays fresh hiphop beats. Although typically simple in structure, his music is a mix of happy n truth carefully combined with a melodic vibe that’s easy to groove to. Easy chilled Hip hop.

“I Love to create music just to give other people different looks of me and hopefully themselves as well. “

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88wessThis looks tight



amourtyyaiCheck dm message request


ysomannyLet's work, DM Me 📥💯

buddha_vybezWhen that beat drops💥💥💥 damn bro u went off on this one here! Waiting to hear some more heat!

arafeal_c@buddha_vybez thanks bruh really appreciate it. Dats that Cntrl+s vibe Camberdidit n bet more to come. Check out my brud johnyalmighy he bringing dat heat also.

buddha_vybez@arafeal_c bet bro!! 🔥🔥

Liking the vibe on this 🙌🏼

lesly_vibesavaliveradio You're making waves in the rap world. @jm.beatzthinks so too.
He wants to work with you, DM him ASAP


vero_vibes6avaliveradio Your raps are fire bro! @jm.beatz thinks so too. He wants to
work with you DM him ASAP!

danielle_vibesavaliveradio Bro you can rap better than anyone I know. @jm.beatz thinks so too. He wants to work with you, DM him ASAP!

letthatboycook1♨ FIRE !!! Keep it up