New Rock Arrival from Arcane Ghosts 'Dissipate'

Band Name: Arcane Ghosts

Name of song: Dissipate

Genre: Alternative rock, Post Hardcore, Experimental,
Pop-Punk, Grunge

Originally conceived over a couple beers at a dive bar in the heart of university town Kitchener-Waterloo, Brampton based Arcane Ghosts combines raw emotion and math skills to create a Dance Gavin Dance meets Citizen and Basement sound.


After releasing their first EP in February 2017, Arcane Ghosts went on to support Rarity, Heavy Hearts and Certainty, and play Blackout Fest 2017 with The Creepshow and illScarlett. Currently they are hard at work on their second EP, which is due for a summer 2018 release.

“This song is about forgetting who you used to be. Constantly fighting with the voice inside your head that reminds you that change is happening,

Twitter: @Arcaneghosts
Facebook :


homerikofficialAwesome sound!


hanna_voxWoow love it😍😍

arikahnashWow! Just the three of them with power sounds!!!👏👏👏💪💪💪

chwmaestroYou have to tell the voice in your head that you are in control!

tiona_music_journey_Sounds great 👍🏻

indiemusicspin@chwmaestro a wonderful insight. Thank you for your generous comment.

laobrademarteoficialWow, I really like this guys. Thanks for sharing them. This is our type of music.

joegallagherjrNot always down with this type of music but this kicks ass. It incorporates a few styles and is dynamic in its delivery. Well done. Keep going and put out a full album with a ton of promo backing it. It will sell @arcaneghosts

indiemusicspin@joegallagherjr that is such a kind and considerate review. We thank you for taking the time to listen and contemplate a review. Your the best

thekristinmouraI definitely enjoyed listening to this one.. reminds me of old sounds from the 90s

thecocoscottCongratulations on your first release! Sometimes forgetting who we used to be is the thing that propels us forward :)

indiemusicspin@laobrademarteoficialfantastic. That is wonderful to hear. It’s so inspiring when a fellow artist reaches out to support other creators. You are very talented yourself.

indiemusicspin@thecocoscott that’s very insightful. What a fantastic thing to acknowledge. A great reminder to us all.

karisakay76Awesome very strong music and definitely will be turning heads!!

arcaneghosts@joegallagherjr Thanks so much Joe! Glad you enjoyed the song. We definately want to do as much promoting before the EP drops. We got a good feeling about this album as well. Thanks for taking the time to listen 🙏🏽

jayd_15Looks like those 🍻 were worth it ! Great songwriting guys great production can’t wait to here your next track ! “Nothing remains constant” change is happening all the time ! #JAYD

kaysoulmusicDefinitely a throw back feel!

darinjellisonmusicI like how it feels familiar, but it’s really a fresh approach.

shoottheroosterSounds great! Let’s hear more

arcaneghosts@hanna_vox Thanks 😁

arcaneghosts@arikahnash 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

arcaneghosts@tiona_music_journey_Thank you

arcaneghosts@laobrademarteoficial Well then you guys got great taste in music 😂. Thanks for checking it out

arcaneghosts@thekristinmoura The best timessss

arcaneghosts@karisakay76 Thank you!

arcaneghosts@jayd_15 Thank you for the kind words. Follow our page for upsates for when we will drop the new songs and thanks for listening 😁

arcaneghosts@kaysoulmusic All the way back!!!

arcaneghosts@darinjellisonmusic Thank you! We all have diffrrent genres we enjoy playing so we thought why not throw it all together and see what we get.

arcaneghosts@shoottherooster Veryyyy soon. Follow our page for updates on new music 😄

boxerthebandLove the message. Wishing these guys all the best. Sick song 🤙

alan_garmonswayNice - all hangs together well

jayd_15@arcaneghosts Done ✅

thekristinmoura@arcaneghosts I know!! Who are your inspirations?

arikahnash@arcaneghosts 💕💕😙

charleesassoundGood sound from this band for thus genre

pflamesDope ima check it out

indiemusicspinAwesome. Can’t wait to hear the new one @arcaneghosts

thecocoscottVery cool!

jacquelinejaxThis is great. Love it


kalvinj.evansPowerful vocals! Great music!

homerikofficialWhat were they using to film?

hanna_voxThis music video is really cool!! Great work


carmentoth111Awesome! They remind me of he 90s bands I love 🤘🏻💜

carmentoth111@carmentoth111 *the

joegallagherjrReally high energy and I agree @carmentoth111 very 90s!

indiemusicspin@joegallagherjr this has been a trend in indie music lately. We have been seeing a lot more of this influence lately in indie music

indiemusicspin@carmentoth111 it seems to be a big trend. Music always rotates doesn’t it

indiemusicspin@hanna_vox thank you for your review of the video

indiemusicspin@homerikofficial good question

indiemusicspin@kalvinj.evans thank you for your review.

indiemusicspin@kalvinj.evans I agree the vocalist has a wide range and uses it really well in this song

indiemusicspin@thecocoscott I enjoyed the powerful vocal and energy of the band. Thought they did a great job on the song. Gave us something fun to enjoy

recon915Bangin! Going to check out more of your music!💯💯

joegallagherjr@indiemusicspin of for sure. I’m happy to see the 90s come back, def one of the best times in music!

thekristinmouraI like their sound

thekristinmoura@joegallagherjr I've been 90s straight up.. should see my playlist. Lol. Whenever I go record, I say 90s inspired

caramel_dmvDope sound and a very energetic song & video! Very nice 🔥