Inspirational Hip Hop Single from Areal Life Rebel Delusional

ArealLifeRebel nmm.png

Artist: ArealLifeRebel

New Release: Delusional

Genre: Hiphop, Pop

Located in: Washington DC

This song is...
I started recording my EP ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ in December 2016, I finished recording it in March 2017. I had 5 songs done at the time Delusional was not one of them. I lost my father in February 2017 during the recording process. My heart was very heavy at the time, I was lost. I’m always looking for new music and May 2017 I ran into the beat for ‘Delusional.’

The first time I heard it it felt like the was sun rising to me. It had so much love and beauty in it that I had to just started writing to it. I wrote the song, recorded it, and didn’t like it. After a few days I just left the song alone because the melody did not feel right. On a Friday in May 2017 I went out with a friend to grab a few drinks. My heart was still heavy from losing my pops, but something happened while I was out. I met some one, and she blew me away. When I saw her I felt the sun shine, it was the same feeling the I felt when I heard the beat for Delusional.

We talked for a few and she told me about her struggle and her dreams, from that conversation I was in awe and inspired. That Saturday I re-wrote the song about this girl I met. In it, I put her and my dreams in the lyrics, I put the impossible to possible in the song because I felt we were at the bottom at the time. It’s a song about us, and how we were going to make it. The melody you hear in the song is all love, the love I felt for her. Delusional is dreams coming true making something out of nothing and pure love. My last song became my first song.

The music we are creating is...
During the recording process of my EP Delusions of Grandeur I had to overcome so many obstacles. Losing my father, being beyond broke, my good friend being shot multiple times, taking care of my mother who was sick, it was allot. I felt at the time this was the last music I was going to ever record. Instead of being selfish and making dark music, I chose to tell stories about people. People who I see everyday struggling to make ends meet to feed their families. At the time feeling like this was it for me, I felt that I the need to make songs about love, to show the young people in my city, the country, the world, you can beat the odds, and you can make it if you purse what you love by any means.

You can here that on the second verse of Delusional when I say with passions and conviction “Im delusional find me out here chasing my dreams”. Foward to 2019 where my EP is in stores, and I have another chance at making music, with this opportunity, my music will be full of love, selflessness, compassion, raw and real. I don’t do this for me, I make my songs to make a difference and touch people. This is important to me because I want to help and save lives. That’s all it about.

Right now..
I’m excited because I see that sky is not my limit. I started with nothing recording this song and making this project. All my dreams are becoming reality. Im excited that slowly my music is getting on larger platforms and finally getting heard by the masses. Im filled with excitement when I wake up because im doing what I love. Im excited, when I post songs on instagram the feedback in my comments is all positive. Iim excited for this new music im recording and the messages in a power of the songs. Im staying humble and patient because I know the shows, and tours will come soon. I just have to keep my eyes on the prize and keep it about the art.