Ascent disrupts the Southern California live music scene with a New Single 'Beacon Eleven'

Artist: Ascent

New Release: Beacon Eleven

Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Melodic Rock

Located in: Lake Forest, California

Ascent is a duo disrupting the Southern California live music scene by producing the sound of a full band with only two people. Part organic and part machine, darkened with fragments of light. This new single is heavily influenced by 70’s prog rock and 80’s metal and includes heavy guitar (PRS), hard-hitting rhythms (Roland V) and pleading, turbulent vocals.

Their New release ‘Beacon Eleven’ is takes the listener on a fantastic voyage placing you in the story, lost at sea and then relegated to a life alone on a desert island. One day you are rescued only to befall a horrible fate upon your return to civilization.

It is a heartbreaking tale of strength, triumph and tragedy. It asks if you are all alone and if so can you survive alone.


Can you tell us about the music you are creating?
We have move into a heavier musical style which has occurred organically. We have always been a rock band but have moved into hard rock and are even considered Metal by many. It is important because it represents our evolution and our willingness to allow the music to guide us.

We released our EP September 2018 but are finalizing the rest of our songs to release a full album later this year. We do plan to tour to support the new album in late 2019 but right now we are just eager to share this music with the world.