New Music from AstroGun 'Free Your Soul'

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Artist: AstroGun
New Release: Free Your Soul

Genre: Punk,Alternative
Queens NY

AstroGun formed after a group of friends started jamming together in Queens NY. Soon, they formed a full fledged rock band and in few months a set of songs were written. The name of the band came about when the lead guitarist saw the drummer’s name in a movie, found it amusing and mentioned it to the band. One of them suggested that to be the band name, they voted on it and it stuck! AstroGun released their first full length album “Internalization” in September 7, 2018 Be sure to check this site to hear the stirring sounds of this exciting new band. This band is looking forward to release new material, play shows, and blaze their own trail.


We like to create music…
that has a meaning to us and socially, We like to Express our feelings and through our feelings we connected with others after all we are humans we are not too far apart from each other Materialism,sports, Religion, politics, give us that fake illusion, when it rains we all get wet...when we are hurt we all cry...for some reason Sadness last longer than happyness but we are trying to change that...Our songs lyrics always have a secret message in some songs the message is open in others you really have to think we don't like to give it away so easy..Free Your Soul is a easy one we know sometimes life really sucks and you need that extra kick to keep going and here is the Remedy.




daniellestravelssSounds great! Good job!

st0rmfoxSounds awesome 🔥 love your content


transient.xSick 💕

lerikaszIf Truly you are a music lover I will love you to listen to this amazing track Right now...😉

thekristinmouraOh a secret message

homerikofficialKeep going and looking forward to seeing your progress!🤘

karisakay76Very energized!! 🎶❤️🎶

darinjellisonmusicHigh energy performance there. Rush influence?

carmentoth111I find this music motivating 🤘🏻💜

thecocoscottVery cool sound!!

pixymusemusicLove it!!! I would love to do a project with them! Awesome!! It’s right up my rock alley!😉

godanalogNice :)


indiemusicspinThe music is both high energy and moving to a guitar hero.

mississippiriotGreat riff and loads of energy, can hear people rocking to this!

jaecabrera@indiemusicspin@astrogunband rock out guys!! Fellow Queens native represent!🙌🏼🙌🏼

thekristinmouraSounds great

monj021Great song


americanpridemagazineA strong move from the band with many more surprises ahead. Enjoyed the song and learning about these creators.