Behind The Music with AstroGunBand on Free Your soul

Band Name: AstroGunBand
Song name: Free Your soul

Person Interviewing: Astro LI

Music Genre:: Punk/Rock

I live in...
I live in Freeport N.Y but the rest of the band lives in Queens Astoria N.Y, I travel about 45 to 2 hours when traffic is busy on the 495 Road, every time we have practice or a show. We practice 1 or two times a week depends the situation.

Link to play:

When we finished this song I really didn't know what the concept of the song was. I thought about the feeling and Robs Guitar playing which is very unique. In my opinion, I think he could be a huge guitar player in N.Y or possible the world..

The solo of this song was actually longer originally and a lot more energetic. To me it was cooler but an old band member who is not currently in the band convinced Rob to make short. It’s always like that around our inner circle. I always had a little disagreement with that person, yet Rob end up liking the idea so I left it alone.

To be honest, sometimes great musicians don't know what they have until someone makes them secure of them self. Anyway the song is aggressive and if we were to change the lyric for anger it would sound really heavy but instead I want it to transfer that energy to something positive.

As a brand, our music is without hate or any strange feeling of that kind. We like cool music...

We like rock n roll and punk music so why not making something more happy energetic with a cool vibe. The song was born out of a simple idea that happened within minutes.

Lyric wise, we did it really quick without thinking much. We just wanted it to have a positive vibe for everyone. That was the way the song was born. The main topic was set!!

A positive song is where it started. Then it developed little by little with professional help in lyrics to add that polish. We used to call this some ‘Mega Hung’ in a joking way... cause we had no name for it that. That was our way to distinguish it from the others.

Technically, all of our songs have nick names, for example, the first song on our album is named ‘Second Chances’ but before was ‘White Ash’... is a great song lyrics wise and very interesting.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 5.59.56 PM.png

My music is...
a collection of every single member who wants to contribute. Rob is the main writer in the Guitars, every person that was on a song done in the band... Rob make the song 10 times better every time by fitting the band style and his unique guitar style together.

As a drummer, I just add the drums and I take care of the mix, pan, and audio effect. I basically work with people in the industry to polish the sound during the mix...

How do you think this release represents your current direction..: 
This songs was Mix and Master by Max Urso....! He is a person who has worked with many famous and popular musicians in the 80's. He's really our big secret weapon cause he has helped us bring our sound to life..

We were working in 2016 to release the songs with a different producer from Queens Astoria but you know things happened between band mates and it never got completed. One of our band mates and the producer didn't got along so we had to place the project on hold and had to find someone else to move forward with us.

This release is a EYE OPENER for anybody out there paying attention to us.. We feel that it has potential. We are addicted to making music.. .100% Rob is a making music machine and I love the Drums that represent unity. Direction wise, we sound like nothing out there as far as I can tell. Most people are into country now or electronic rock call NEW WAVE or INDIE we do what we like from our gut and anything in the way that fits our style.

Best Advise…
To be honest many of the music advice I we get are from Music Documentary... also from live concerts sometimes musicians say real things during a beak of a song.

If we follow the advice of rock itself you'll find them as you go on in life.

People who collect music vinyls and Cd's know what I'm talking about... advice is in every song depending on your life situation. The more good music you listen to, the better your personal life will be...

The music business…
always has been shitty is up to us to play good and move you is our responsibility so you can help us grow once you had see us or listen...we just want the opportunity to be hear.

Being a musician today is…

more of a lucky thing or connections. We have seen horrible bands being up there touring with big talented musicians and we ask our self why can’t that be us?

We play so much better, that actually happen last Monday, I know were are supposed to help each other for our dreams as musicians but if we are this weak then music in it’s totality will be destroyed.

We have to work hard to prove it by making the next album better. 

We love to create music cause…

we need it is like a drug ask yourself it's this life fake? boring? reality manipulated? Issues world wide everyday? We don't even know what's on the other side of the moons...We are humans need to release this energy and I think this is our way to let go so we love it...we create a world to escape for 3 minutes or more if you listen to our entire record.

Astro comes on the broadcast to talk about the band, getting through their struggles and making music. We also talked about the music business and how complicated things have become. The old makes way for the new and what’s ahead in the future is bright for this young rock band from New York. .

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