New Metal Rock Release from Atomic Kavemen 'Shining'

Artist: Atomic Kavemen
New Release: Shining
Genre: Metal

Located in: : SF Bay Area

This song is...
The band is also not constrained bye what's popular in the music scene. We create music because it's fun and it's a good medium to spread a message. Like most musicians we take pride in our songs. Comparing this band to others only limits our musical destiny. Many say our singer voice sounds like Glenn Danzig. Music-wise people touch on AC/DC and that era of Rock. The drumming and guitar playing or solid and The rhythms are catching to the ear.

Shining is atomic Kavemen's first song written by George Keenan. The song was actually written possibly a year before the band had even been thought of. The lyrics of the song pertain to the fast life we live when we were kids and young adults. After being kicked in the teeth by life and bad decisions by us as ignorant people we are some of us are fortunate enough to rise above and change our lives for the better. This song is exactly about that and feeling Pride that we were able to move beyond our own self-destruction.

The music we are creating is...
This is both our first song, and it's present form, our newest. Its the kind of track that crosses over between hard rock and heavy metal.

Right now we are..
Rehearsing and writing new songs like crazy. We expect to start playing bay area venues in April.