B.D. Kold offers a clean slate to his listeners in Gospel Rap Release 'Part of Me'

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 B.D. Kold - Part of Me
Genre: gospel rap

Born Brandon Dwayne Stovall, B.D.Kold grew up in a small working class community outside of baton rouge, La with both parents working he found his way as a trouble maker at an early age.

At the age of 13, he decided to run away from home stealing a car and making it to Alabama where he totaled the vehicle running from state police. Lucky to be alive he began to search for his purpose in life. As he grew up over the years, rapping became his passion so it was only natural that he decided to focus on a career in music.

Pursuing rap on the local scene, he began to come in contact with the street life. Seduced by the excitement and money of the streets, the young BD Kold, inexperienced boy from the middle of no where started to admire the guys around. The drug trade captured his attention and pulled him down the wrong path. Even as he rapped in the local clubs he battling years of addiction and countless run ins with the law.

In 2014, he entered into a disciple program a few towns over from where he grew up. It was in this program that BD Kold began to learn the word of god. This new found faith put it on his heart to reach the people that were like he once was.

Today, BD Kold stands in front of audiences with a winning attitude and a fire filed approach. He has been a positive influence on all those around him as he uses his music to touch others in a positive way.

This video is celebrating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the personal affect it has had on my life. It’s a reminder to you that anyone feeling this way can call out to God and be cleansed of it.

This song is from the album “Distribution of Hope” . A free 17 track mixtape available for download at bdkold.com or to stream on all major platforms .

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