New Country Pop Single Nothin but a Song from Beau Morgan

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Artist: Beau Morgan

New Release: Nothin but a Song

Genre: Modern Country, Pop Country

Located in: Edinburg, Virginia

This song is...
This song is a story about new love and the anticipation of a new connection being made. The excitement and anguish of waiting of said person to reach out and reciprocate your feelings. This is a feeling everyone on earth who has ever had a love interest has felt and this song will take you right back to that place in time and make it current again.


The music we are creating is...
This is my debut single and I am really looking forward to building a fan base and releasing more songs for all of them. I have been writing these songs my whole life and I’m finally ready to share my journey with the world.

Right now we are...
Working on a second single. We’ve got tons on the burner. Just have to make the time and funds to continue forward.

Available on streaming platforms
Twitter @ beaumorganmusic

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